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Yea Riverside Caravan Park

Greenplate are continuously looking at ways to improve their range of Solar LED Street Lights. Here we have looked for the most innovative and efficient street lights currently on the market and increased the working hours and battery size and solar modules. This ensures that our Solar Street Light Systems will function in any condition for the required amount of operation.

The Street Lights innovative design allows for the battery and controller to be mounted inside the light fitting. This eliminates the need for obtrusive battery boxes and long cabling. The Light Head simply connects directly to the Solar Module via the MC4 Connectors, significantly reducing installation time. This range of LED Street Lights can also be easily retrofitted to existing light poles allowing for a cost effective replacement.

Greenplate also design and manufacture their own street lights poles with hinged stream line light poles including a large range of accessories such as bird wires and the ability to lower the poles with 1 person. By manufacturing our own light poles this allows for customised options to suit customers’ requirements.

Whatever you can think of when it comes to Solar Street Lighting we can create it. Contact the team to discuss your next Solar Street Lighting project using the most reliable products on the market today.


Our Product

Solar LED Street Lighting

LED street lightingThe Greenplate® 40 Watt Solar Street Light is highly efficient, simple to install and extremely reliable.

Our Solar Street Lights are perfect for lighting pathways, council parklands, mining applications, minor roads, carparks and areas where lighting is needed but mains power is not readily available.


Remember if it’s Greenplate its Great!

Project – Ascot Apartments

Greenplate were asked to manufacturer a customised retrofit solution for a block of apartments in Ascot Brisbane. The task was to replace the old gas BBQ unit with the Energy Efficient Greenplate BBQ and allow for positioning of the switch and tidying up of the old BBQ cut out.

Greenplate custom manufactured a stainless steel bench cut out to suit the existing hole allowing for the switch to be mounted in the front along with the signage.

The BBQ unit was installed onsite by Greenplate quickly and without hiccups. This was possible due to a site visit by a Greenplate representative prior to manufacturing the custom stainless steel work.

The Ascot Apartments will now enjoy the benefits of the Energy Efficient Greenplate BBQ Unit with temperatures exceeding that of the previous gas BBQ.


Make the Most of Mushrooms

Mushroom are a great source of Vitamin B – and help your body form red blood cells. An important function of a healthy brain. 

Why not increase your Vitamin B intake by making your burger bun from Mushrooms. Hold back on the bread and fill your tummy with extra nutrition and antioxidants that taste amazingly good.

Our Veggie, Beef and Mushroom Bun Burgers will satisfy everyone’s hunger!

BBQ Mushroom & Veggie Beef Burgers
  • 2 Field Mushrooms per burger
  • 1/2 Red Capsicum per burger
  • 1/2 Yellow Capsicum per burger
  • Slice 1 thick rounds of butternut pumpkin per burger
  • Slice 1 thick round of Eggplant per burger
  • 1 Beef Burger patty per burger
  • Olive oil
  • Lettuce
  1. Spray with oil spray all the vegetables & seasoned with a seasoning of choice - Moroccan, Tuscan or Roast Vegetable seasoning

  2. Grill all the veggies on a Greenplate hotplate 

  3. Add the beef burger patties onto the hotplate and cook through

  4. Once cooked assemble the burger, using the mushrooms in place of the bun.


Have you Created a Feed Me Healthy® Recipe


We would love to see it on your Instagram page @greenplatebbq #hotplatesforhealthyhearts @feedmehealthy_annavandyken


On Greenplate® Barbecues you can guarantee that your food will be cooked at the right temperature to keep you safe and healthy

Healthy Food | Healthy Family | Healthy Life


Exclusive Distributorship Deal with Tutti Box

tutti boxGreenplate are extremely excited to have recently signed a new exclusive distribution deal with Tutti Box Switzerland.

Tutti Box already supply a large number of government municipalities with their innovative range of rubbish management systems and container buildings across Europe. They will have the sole distribution rights for the sale of Greenplate BBQ products in Switzerland.

Greenplate are looking forward to a successful business relationship with Tutti Box and are proud to be able to supply their Australian invention to a greater market audience.

Take a look at their website and social media



Sun Sun Sun – Solar Assisted BBQ

Solar Assisted BBQ Bench


Would you like to offset the power used in your park, yet don’t have the funding to install a standalone solar barbecue, then the Solar Assisted Electric BBQ could be the solution you are looking for. Greenplate are the only electric BBQ manufacturer to supply this version of Electric BBQ’s.

The inverter is simply mounted inside the BBQ bench and solar panels mounted to the roof of the shelter or wherever is feasible. The power generated from the solar panels offset the energy used by the electric BBQ. The size of the solar array can vary depending on how much power is required to be offset in the park or depending on the budget allowed.

If your looking for an energy conscious solution for your park on a budget then the Solar Assisted BBQ System is the system for you. Contact Greenplate to discuss your requirements and we can design a customised package to suit your needs.

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