Prepared Yesterday – Eaten Today – Picnic in the Park

Lemon Herb Garlic (optional Chilli) Chicken

Preparing the day before or even the week before makes life so easy.

What it does for me is 2 things. 

Makes the chicken extra tasty marinading all night in the fridge and easy cooking for the next day, using it in salads or adding veggies and rice.

The marinade for my chicken
  • 500 gms Chicken Breast Tenderloins or Breast
  • Zest & Juice of 1 large lemon
  • 1/4 cup fresh chopped thyme
  • 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 3 cloves of garlic grated
  • 2 tsp garlic olive oil or plain olive oil
  • 1 tsp djon mustard
  • 1 tsp chilli flakes optional
  • Salt & Pepper
  1. I place everything in a zip lock bag and zip it up before giving it a massage to combine all the flavours together.
  2. Pop it in the fridge OR even the freezer for cooking on another day.
Take this to the park with you and it's all ready to place on the hotplate. Super tender and juicy!
    If you want rice with your Chicken - cook it at home and give it a quick heat up on the hotplate - it will be blended with all the juices and flavours from the chicken.

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      On Greenplate® Barbecues you can guarantee that your food will be cooked at the right temperature to keep you safe and healthy

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      Kingscliff Foreshore Upgrade

      During 2018, the entire foreshore along Kingscliff Beach received a large upgrade. This involved park furniture, walkways, playgrounds and recreation areas.

      Greenplate were proud to supply a number of Double Equal Access BBQ’s to provide cooking facilities for both tourists and local residents alike.

      The Equal Access Range of BBQ benches are manufactured completely from 316 Stainless Steel making them perfect for the beach front environment. All the BBQ’s are featured close to shelters and park furniture designed to provide the best recreational cooking facilities for the public.


      The upgrade also included a large sea wall to protect the Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club which erosion can be caused by either large storm events or expected sea level rises.

      The BBQ’s feature amongst the Kingscliff Central Park a community space linking businesses to the beautiful beach. Greenplate’s Wheelchair and Visually Impaired Approved Benches will provide non-stewing trouble free inclusive BBQing for people with a range of disabilities for years to come.

      It’s fast, it’s delicious – it’s Brunch Made Easy


      Brunch Made Easy
      From start to finish .... 10 minutes! 

      Quicker than waiting at a cafe and easier on the pocket

      • 60 gms Fresh Avocado
      • 60 gms Aldi Bergs bacon
      • 2 eggs + 2 egg whites + 2 Tbls water
      • 4 vine ripened cherry tomatoes
      • 2 cups raw spinach or a decent handful
      • 150 gms sliced mushrooms
      • 1 tsp olive oil
      1. On the hotplate, I pop everything in the order I need to cook in.
      2. So bacon goes on first in one row to start cooking

      3. Second in is the cherry tomato to one side

      4. The mushrooms the other side

      Once the above is all cooked - lets plate that up! The eggs & spinach take 30 seconds
      1. Mix the eggs with whites and water (the water makes your eggs fluffy and light) 

      2. Spread 1 tsp oil on the hot plate and pour the eggs on & keep moving them around as they cook

      3. On the opposite side pop in the spinach, that will wilt/cook as fast as the eggs cook

      4. When the above is cooked add them to your other ingredients on your plate and there is you Brunch - Fit for a King or Queen!

      Have you Created a Feed Me Healthy® Recipes

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      On Greenplate® Barbecues you can guarantee that your food will be cooked at the right temperature to keep you safe and healthy

      Healthy Food | Healthy Family | Healthy Life

      Customised Solar Solution for the City of Casey

      Last week the manufacturing team completed and shipped our customised solar solution for tennis court lighting.

      Greenplate were asked by the City of Casey if we could power four 400 watt tennis court lights using Solar. This was to offset energy that would usually be used if they were run from the mains electricity supply.

      Greenplate also needed to manufacture

      • 4 light poles including out reach arms with mounting holes

      This was to suit the large light heads and the solar panel support frames to house the large solar modules. The batteries were also designed to be located inside the base of the poles to allow for long periods of night usage.

      We are looking forward to seeing this project completed with installation occurring over the next few weeks.

      Greenplate’s motto is “sustainable product solutions” therefore saving energy and looking for cost effective solutions to meet our clients requirements is the focus.

      If you have a job where a solar solution is required contact Greenplate today.

      Everything is Simple with Australia’s National Treasure

      Why Australia’s Free BBQ’s are a National Treasure


      This week we head back and take a look at a news article written in the Sydney Morning Herald. Daisy Dumas explains Australia’s National Treasure, the free park BBQ’s and why we shouldn’t take them for granted.


      The article pictured a number of Greenplate® BBQ’s consistently being used by Aussie residents living in Western Sydney.


      It is just one example of Sydney’s and Australia’s love affair with the outdoor grill. A habit so entrenched in our national psyche that free barbecues have become the norm. Expected – taken for granted even – in our public parks.


      In the breezier surrounds of Bronte Park, NSW, eight electric barbecues can, and regularly do, cook 312 barbecues a day. The pocket of green with a spectacular view is one of the nation’s most popular barbecue spots.  A beloved community resource that is as intimately linked to the beach as it is our love of a charred sausage.

      Article Credit: Dasiy Dumas – Sydney Morning Herald


      Our houses are getting bigger and our backyards are getting smaller 
      Greenplate® supply barbecues systems that are free to use in public parks
      It’s a great way to share celebrations and time with family and friends

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