Oceanside Kawana Stage 28

Greenplate® are proud to have rolled out their second instalment of Greenplate® Equal Access Barbecues at Oceanside Kawana Waters, Queensland at the premium beachside community which is now a major Centre for Health and Medical excellence!  Greenplate® are proud to be the preferred Electric Barbecue supplier for the Developer and for Sunshine Coast Council.  Our Equal Access Barbecues made from 316 Stainless Steel are designed for able and disabled bodied persons are nominated in the Sunshine Coast Council’s LIM (Landscape Infrastructure Manual). These Barbecues provide wheelchair access from all four sides, as well as catering for the visually impaired.

Greenplate are thrilled to be a part of the ongoing benefit to those who frequent the greenspaces throughout Oceanside, Kawana Waters through the supply and installation of their Energy Efficient and very Safe Electric Barbecues.

Oceanside Kawana Stage 21

Greenplate® 300 Series II – coming soon…

Greenplate’s patented designed Barbecues use up to 50% LESS ENERGY to that of any other Electric Barbecue cooking appliance on the market.  The efficiency and performance is credited to the patented safe, extra low voltage and high current technology which never compromises on high heat capacity.

Our Research and Development Manager, in conjunction with our in-house Research and Development team, are always exploring methods to improve the standard of our products.  Greenplate’s next generation of Electric Barbecue is “COMING SOON” with an all improved revolutionary method of controlling temperature by minimising heat loss at the cook plate.  The “SERIES II” model will react and compensate within microseconds after loading the plate with your favourite food offering a superior Barbecue cooking experience for all.

Greenplate® have designed a radical new method of temperature regulation for their Barbecues. This method uses P.I.D. Control with electric thermocouples and digital temperature readout.

Predictive Mosfet microsecond power adjustment to the element gives far more even heat and adjustment of power to maintain the pre-set temperature.  Even with P.I.D Control and Thermocouple sensing, there is no major improvement over less expensive simpler thermostats if a relay is used.  However, the breakthrough is as follows – when you remove the relay and replace it with predictive Mosfet switching, the P.I.D becomes enormously more effective.

It will now vary the power to the element instead of just switching on or off and it can predict the amount of power required depending on the food load.  For super-fast, super-even, super-efficient heating and reliability, cook with the new revolutionary Greenplate® 300 series II range coming soon.

Ferro Resonance & Solar Power

Ferro resonance is an occurrence when any transformer becomes saturated which seems to be an ever increasing issue within Australia.  Since 2011, with articles written in places such as, The Australian titled, “Rooftop solar panels overloading electricity grid”, which outlines the effects of increased solar in residential areas, concerns have been high and erratic mains power which is caused by high level concentration of solar grid fed installations.

After extensive research and testing Greenplate’s Research and Development Department has noted voltages are at 257 VAC plus in these areas.  When a transformer becomes saturated and is switched off it de-energizes the excess via relays, fuse and subsequently the circuit breakers eventually cause failure to the appliance.

Greenplate’s Research and Development team have recognised these issues which can have an impact on the lifespan of electrical equipment.  This has  prompted our team to design a solution for Greenplate® electric barbecues to be protected. Greenplate® have produced a product enabling a longer life span whilst dealing with the increased predominance of flash back current.

For the full article in The Australian Click here 

Hysteresis Control & Logical Power Control

All electric Barbecues use what is termed hysteresis control, meaning the power is either on or off depending on the thermostat/thermocouple reading.

The speed of the operation is dependent on the size of the temperature drop when the Barbecue plate is loaded with food.  A quick, substantial drop will activate the power to the element which must heat itself before heating the plate.  Barbecues that contain an insulated 240 volt element have a protective sheath which slows down the heating process.  

Greenplate’s® Inbench Barbecue Unit with a Patented non-insulated element, heats to red hot in seconds not minutes.

Thermo Placement

A thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of a system which then enables that system’s temperature to be maintained near a desired set-point.  If it is too close or above the element it will read the bottom of the plate’s temperature which is not ideal.  The difference between the set temperature and the temperature at the top of the cooking plate can be as much as 40°C causing stewing.

Greenplate’s® probe is located in a welded channel which is in direct contact with the plate and covered with insulation on all four sides as Greenplate’s element runs at over 600°C and are then regulated back to 320°C at the top of the plate creating the ideal cooking temperature!

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