Coffs Coast Holiday Park

Coffs Coast Holiday Park commissioned Greenplate® to initially customise a stainless steel double Barbecue bench/cabinet to house the energy efficient Greenplate® inbench Barbecue units coupled with a sink and splashback.

Sean Hone, Operational Manager said “We were looking for an economical and reliable alternative to gas and other electrical units that used far more power”,  which Greenplate’s patented Inbench Unit was able to provide by using 50% LESS energy than comparable performing Barbecue’s on the market.  Combining this with the entire custom cabinet, benchtop and splashback made from stainless steel, ensured the entire cooking and preparation areas are hygienic and very easy to keep clean at all times.  Sean also said “The quality of product is second to none and we receive regular guest feedback regarding the ease of use and cooking capabilities of the Barbecues”.

Coffs Coast Holiday Parks have continued to purchase more of these customised Barbecues as well as purchasing inbench units to retrofit into existing cabinets.  Sean kindly said “I would have no hesitation in recommending Greenplate® Energy Efficient Barbecues to anyone looking for quality and reliability”.

Hornibrook Esplanade

Hornibrook Esplanade was awarded to Greenplate® as part of a very large Tender that was released by Moreton Bay Regional Council in Queensland back in 2014. The Tender involved either demolishing old Barbecues and replacing them with new complete Barbecue’s including bench/cabinet or retrofitting new Barbecue inbench units into old existing brick or competitors bench/cabinets.

For Hornibrook Esplanade, Moreton Bay Regional Council chose to have Greenplate’s Matilda range of Double Barbecues installed.  Located in a coastal area stainless steel benches/cabinets were imperative thus providing a product which was easy to maintain whilst delivering safe cooking capabilities.

University of Sydney

The University of Sydney were looking at ways to enhance the social interaction for students in common areas throughout the campus. Greenplate’s Myles Double range of Barbecues with some barbecues featuring hinged stainless steel lids, were chosen owing to superior safety, reliability, quality, performance and more economical running costs.

Greenplate® have provided their electric barbecues to many university’s throughout Australia. The barbecues have a provision for utilizing a key start/coin start operation allowing universities to monitor barbecue usage.

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