Naidoc Week BBQ Wrap Up

Redlands Hospital


Last week both of Greenplate’s Directors Peter Hurley and Russell Kimmins attended the Naidoc Week BBQ at the Redlands City Hospital.

The event had a fantastic turn out with aboriginal elders from the Quandamooka tribe over on Stradbroke Island attending along with local sports people from various codes.

Greenplate were happy to donate all of the food for the BBQ event and are proud to be able to support a function which gives respect back to the traditional owners of the land along with celebrating the culture of aboriginal and torres straight islander people.

Remember: If it’s Greenplate® – It’s Great!

Green, Sustainable, Renewable Energy from the Sun?

Solar Assisted BBQ’s

Did you know that Greenplates Solar Assisted BBQ Systems offer a combination of free, Green, Sustainable, Renewable Energy from the Sun? The Convenience of grid supplied mains power to help drive down running costs and the carbon footprint of community barbecue systems.

Greenplate have developed a Solar Assisted BBQ Bench with Solar Panels on the roof and an SMA Inverter (meaning System, Mess and Anlagentechnik) inside the BBQ cabinet. This offsets the energy used by the BBQ unit and supplying an energy rebate back to the asset owner for any excess power generated. These BBQ’s are perfect for holiday parks or councils looking for a way to provide cooking facilities, yet want to eliminate the ongoing power costs.

These BBQ systems can be supplied in both single or double cooking plate configurations and the grid connect system can also offset energy used by other infrastructure in the area.

Key Features:

  • High quality full stainless steel constructed BBQ cabinet with lifetime structural warranty.
  • Completely assembled and tested in Australia
  • Highly efficient sun power modules or Thin Film Vandal Resistant Solar Modules (laminates to roof profile).
  • Grid Link system can be adapted to new or existing shelters.
  • SMA range of inverts function as a manager/controller for optimum energy production.
  • Highly efficient Greenplate 1.8Kw In bench Barbecue Unit used with structural lifetime warranty.
  • Reliability and product satisfaction guaranteed over years of infield testing.

If your looking to provide cooking facilities to a council park or holiday park yet are concerned about the carbon footprint being created by the installation, the Greenplate Solar Assisted BBQ Bench is perfect for your application.

Remember: If it’s Greenplate® – It’s Great!

The Observatory Ormeau Ridge

Gold Coast City


Ormeau Ridge is a modern residential development located in the northern growth corridor between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The development is situated in a quiet location yet still providing easy access onto the M1. The estate boast a number of open spaces providing facilities such as play grounds, BBQ areas and Dog off Leash Facilities.


3 years ago Greenplate installed a Matilda Single BBQ Unit for Interface Landscapes at the Observatory Park. The bench was powder coated in a Dulux Hammerstone Grey and an external weatherproof GPO was installed to the front of the BBQ bench for public use along with a tap on the side of the bench. Greenplate also installed the Main Electrical Sub board for the Park matching the colour of the electrical enclosure with that of the BBQ unit.


Greenplate were able to supply, manufacture and install the BBQ unit and complete the electrical works for the park, providing a one stop solution for the Landscape Contractors Interface Landscapes.


The Matilda Range of BBQ Benches come fully assembled and are made from Stainless Steel preventing rusting and are complete with a lifetime structural warranty. These benches can also be powder coated in a large range of colours with also the option for an anti-graffiti protective coating allowing for quick and easy removal of graffiti with the use of soapy water.

Cheesy Chickpea & Sweetcorn Fritters

My gosh these are tasty! I think these would make a delicious savoury breakfast or lunch.
I think they are more pancake texture than crispy fritter, but none the less tasty.

A very large size fritter/pancake at that!

Cheesy Chickpea & Sweetcorn Fritters
Servings: 12
  • 400 gms Chickpeas Drained and rinsed
  • 120 gms Self Raising Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 Carrot Grated
  • 1/2 small Onion Diced
  • 200 gms Fresh/tinned Corn
  • 1/3 cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese
  • 1 tbsp Masterfoods Roast Vegetable Seasoning This is my go to spice
  • 1/4 cup Parsley Fresh if you can
  • Salt & Pepper
Dipping Sauce
  • 1 Tbsp Ayam Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • 100 gms Yopro Plain Yoghurt
  1. Add everything to a food processor and blitz it MINUS THE CORN

  2. Add the corn at the last minute and pulse - just to keep it a little chunky

  3. If you want a more cheesy flavour (which I do) - add some Parmesan cheese through the mix!!

  4. Pop it into your shaker for travel

    Protein Shaker
Arrive at the park and get that Greenplate BBQ going!
  1. Add a small amount of olive oil onto the hotplate and spread it around

  2. Pour onto the hotplate your mixture - about 1/4 cup per fritter

  3. Cook either side for about 3-4 minutes or until Golden Brown

  4. Enjoy!

Have you Created a Feed Me Healthy® Recipe


We would love to see it on your Instagram page @greenplatebbq #hotplatesforhealthyhearts @feedmehealthy_annavandyken


On Greenplate® Barbecues you can guarantee that your food will be cooked at the right temperature to keep you safe and healthy

Healthy Food | Healthy Family | Healthy Life


Why Greenplate BBQ’s are so Great!

Nothing beats the sound of steaks sizzling on a Greenplate® BBQ knowing your also saving a considerable amount of energy in comparison to other electric BBQ’s on the market. Greenplate developed and patented it’s low voltage heating technology in a backyard shed in Brisbane Australia. This technology can now be found in Greenplate BBQ’s across the globe.

The technology converts mains power (240Volt) to a low voltage therefore increasing the amount of amps delivered to the element creating heat. This also removes the need for insulating the cooking element therefore reducing the time to start heating the plate as the element is red hot in a matter of seconds opposed to minutes with conventional heating elements. Therefore Greenplate have been able to significantly reduce the power required to heat up the BBQ plate safely whilst not compromising on cooking performances or heat up time.

Greenplate have further developed and improved its technology by recently introducing P.I.D.

What is P.I.D.?

In simple terms:

Proportional Integral Derivative determines the amount of power required by predicting the food load due to the decrease in temperature. The control board then applies the correct amount of power to maintain the set temperature no matter the load applied to the cooking plate. By using this technology along with the application of a Digital Temperature Control System significantly reduces the temperature drop ensuring food is cooked not stewed.

This is how the Greenplate BBQ is able to maintain such a high level of cooking whilst using the least amount of energy as any other electric BBQ manufacturer on the market.

smart bbq monitoring


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