Inbench Barbecue Accessories

Greenplate’s Large Range of BBQ Accessories


Greenplate also manufacture a range of accessories to compliment the energy efficient Greenplate Inbench BBQ. These accessories can be applied to any range of benches Greenplate offer.


    • Stainless Steel Lift off BBQ Lids; Perfect for applications where BBQ’s are exposed to the weather in a private apartment or holiday park scenario. These are also great for covering that dirty cooking plate if your not quite up to cleaning straight after cooking.


    • Stainless Steel Welded BBQ Lids; Used in situations where the BBQ is exposed to the weather, these lids are welded to the underside of the BBQ plate to ensure its effectiveness in robust environments and public places.


    • Fat Collection Tray, Baffle Type with Connection & Hose; The Fat Collection trays can be installed in all Greenplate’s range of BBQ benches, these are perfect for connecting to a rubble pit ensuring that excess water is diverted out of the fat bins. Greenplate have also designed a stainless steel sliding frame which simply mounts into the bench, this makes removing and emptying the fat bin easier without the need to lift it over the door fold. These Fat Bin Slider Frames can also be supplied separately and can be altered to suit any style of public BBQ bench.


    • Powder Coating; All Greenplate benches can be powdercoated to a range of different colour options with only the best quality paints sourced. This ensures for an easy to clean and durable finish in the colour the customer desires.


    • Anti-Graffiti Coating; Greenplate have the ability to apply a nano tech anti graffiti coating to the exterior of the BBQ  benches, protecting them from Graffiti and vandalism. The nano tech coating allows for strong paints to be removed with a simple spray with general purpose cleaner and wipe down.


  • Retrofit Door; Greenplate manufacture an all stainless steel retrofit door, this is perfect for upgrading old and outdated BBQ’s with the Energy Efficient Greenplate BBQ without the need for installing an entire new bench. These doors can also be modified to suit customised sizes making sure a cost effective retrofit solution is available in most scenarios.

Project – Moreton Bay Regional Council

Greenplate Completes BBQ Tender!

Moreton Bay Regional Council


Greenplate were recently awarded the Moreton Bay Regional Council tender for the supply and installation of a number of Barbecue systems across the shire. Greenplate were able to quickly organise an installation schedule along with working closely with Council representatives. This ensured the tender was completed in the shortest possible time frame. It was all achieved with the last barbecue benches being installed a couple of weeks ago.

The scope of works consisted of removing old BBQ benches and replacing them with a full stainless steel option. This was from Greenplate’s range of cabinets and retrofitting existing BBQ benches with the Greenplate energy efficient BBQ units.

The locations were spread out across the council region. From the beach fronts of Bribie Island to locations such as Lawnton and Redcliffe with a total of 18 new BBQ units being installed.


Moreton Bay Regional Council use Greenplates energy efficient hotplate through its shire.

This is due to a number of factors including Energy Efficiency, Reliability and Cooking Performance of the BBQ’s.

Moreton Bay now have over 320 of Greenplates Energy Efficient BBQ’s in operation on a daily basis providing cooking facilities for residents and visitors to the area.


Remember: if it’s Greenplate – it’s Great!

Hearty Healthy Vegetarian – All on a BBQ

Most people think that a barbecue HAS to involve meat. Not true – today we showcase how using mushrooms, cheese, and more can create a hearty and healthy meal for everyone. Oh and it tastes Amazing!


Hearty Healthy Vegetarian
Servings: 1
  • 30 gms Haloumi Cheese Sliced
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tin Chickpeas (seasoned with salt & chilli flakes) drained
  • 1/2 punnet Button mushrooms sliced
  • 2 tsp Olive Oil (I like the garlic one)
  • Green spinach and rocket leaves
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Chilli Flakes
  1. Heat Greenplate hotplate

  2. Add oil over the hotplate

Imagine the hotplate to be in FOUR sections
  1. Section 1: Add mushrooms to the hotplate and start cooking

  2. Section 2: Add Haloumi Cheese

  3. Section 3: Add Seasoned Chickpeas

  4. Section 4: Add the Egg

  5. Cook all through and add to your plate with the spinach, rocket and tomato salad

**You could finish this off with a crusty bread heated on the hotplate collecting all the lovely juices from your ingredients.

    Have you Created a Feed Me Healthy® Recipe


    We would love to see it on your Instagram page @greenplatebbq #hotplatesforhealthyhearts @feedmehealthy_annavandyken


    On Greenplate® Barbecues you can guarantee that your food will be cooked at the right temperature to keep you safe and healthy

    Healthy Food | Healthy Family | Healthy Life


    Quality Assured Since 2015

    Quality Assurance

    The key aspect to Greenplate’s operation


    Greenplate has been a Quality Assured Company since 2015 ensuring all of its practices are monitored and align with the international ISO 9001:2015 standards.

    All of Greenplate’s range of energy efficient products are strictly tested in house prior to dispatch. This ensures our customers are receiving an operational device that will continue to function for years to come.

    This Standard is audited every 12 months via an independent auditor, which monitors all operational procedures of the company. Customers can be confident when purchasing a Greenplate product, that they are receiving nothing but quality.

    Remember: If It’s Greenplate – it’s Great!

    Greenplates Quality Assured

    As a Quality Assured Company to Standards ISO 9001:2015, Greenplate® ensures their practices provide unsurpassed quality and service to their Customers and guarantee that all processes will meet and exceed the obligations required to satisfy customer wants and needs.

    Maintaining Quality Assurance status is an ongoing stringent process which requires consistency and dedication to running day to day operations. Greenplate® will continually strive to improve their Customer Service and efficiency wherever possible.

    World First Smart BBQ Monitoring System

    The era of technology is here with billions of devices being connected and controlled remotely and Greenplate’s® World First Smart BBQ Monitoring System is here to do just that.

    This technology comes in many different forms, such as automated lighting for homes that are being controlled via an application. Sensors to monitor temperatures in refrigerators that are specifically designed to alerts the owner if it drops below a set point to prevent spoilage of food. All of these devices are designed to make both our work and personal life easier and more enjoyable.

    Monitoring Systems are now being applied to devices we wouldn’t even think required them. Local Governments are installing Smart Controlled Street Lighting where functionality can be checked remotely via an application to remove the need for maintenance crews to manually check for faults.

    Remember: If It’s Greenplate – It’s Great!

    Greenplate are at the forefront of this new connected technology with their World First Fully Integrated Smart BBQ Monitoring System.

    The system provides continuous updates on the status of the BBQ unit and as a result can display the fat bin level and alert the asset owners of faults with the BBQ. The system also assists in reducing cleaning regimes, maintenance and can also determine BBQ usage. It provides all the information an asset owner requires directly from either his tablet, mobile phone or computer.

    Are you are looking to:

    • Drive down maintenance budgets
    • Remove the need for unnecessary cleaning schedules
    • Minimise BBQ downtime
    • Gain more information and knowledge about how the asset is being used


    Contact Greenplate for more information regarding the future of BBQ Asset Management Technology.

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