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Greenplate are now Members


Greenplate have recently become a member of the Cleantech Industries Group which was developed to promote clean technology and sustainability. The idea is for consumers and governments to be easily able to connect with Eco-friendly businesses that can provide sustainable solutions or products.

Cleantech Industries also provides regular updates and news relating to the industry along with presentations and key note lectures on how organisations can utilise emerging clean technologies to reduce carbon emissions and pollution.


Earlier this year Greenplate attended the first Cleantech Industries Conference showcasing a range of energy efficient products including the new fully integrated Smart BBQ Monitoring System. The new system gauged a great deal of attention from Councillors and asset owners from a number of different local government organisations.

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Exciting Times! Remote Monitoring for Street Lights

Remote Monitoring of Greenplate® Street Lights are now Available


Greenplate have now incorporated a remote monitoring system to its range of Solar LED Street Lights. Be able to control and monitor the operations of your fleet of Solar Street Lights from the comfort of your office. The monitoring system connects each street light back to a centralised concentrator using wireless connection over a LoRaWAN network. The information is then sent from the Concentrator to the dashboard using a reliable 4g connection. Up to 200 Street Lights can be connected back to 1 concentrator.


The Dashboard displays information received from each street light in a user friendly format. Information is shown such as the status of the LED Street Light, Battery Temperature and options to remotely adjust the operational parameters such as on off times and dimming functionalities.


The Remote Street Light Monitoring System is designed to provide governments and organisations a greater understanding and control of how their asset is functioning whilst also significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs.


Remember: If It’s Greenplate® – It’s Great!

Not Just DDA Compliant

… But an Equally Accessible BBQ Bench


Not only are Greenplate’s range of Equal Access BBQ Benches manufactured to be DDA Certified but they are made to be truly accessible by members of the public with a broader range of disabilities. The benches are designed with blue and white indicator lights on the switch and larger font on the BBQ instructions, this assists people with visual disabilities.

The entire Equal Access range also allows for wheelchair access from all 4 sides of the bench. Current competitors products only allow access from 1 side limiting the cooking experience to 1 disabled user per cooking plate.

The bench has also been manufactured completely out of 316 Stainless Steel designed specifically for coastal usage, with a  lifetime structural warranty to ensure the product will last.

If your looking to provide an all-inclusive cooking experience the Equal Access Range of barbecues are perfect for your application.


Remember: If it’s Greenplate® – It’s Great!

Update on Greenplate’s Smart BBQ

Fully Integrated Monitoring System

When first embarking on our journey to develop the First Fully Integrated Smart BBQ Monitoring System the team focused on what information is actually going to be of most benefit to users. Focusing on providing a device that will benefit asset owners in reducing ongoing costs and allow for control of the BBQ remotely.  

This allowed us to develop a system that is able to provide live data information from the BBQ to a centralised dashboard relaying information on usability including power usage, fault alerts, fat bin levels, remote and scheduled BBQ shutdown procedures and remote temperature adjustments just to name a few. The device is also able to be retrofitted to existing Greenplate BBQ’s reducing the outlay for customers wanting to upgrade existing infrastructure.

smart bbq monitoring
smart bbq monitoring
smart bbq
Smart BBQ

API integration is also a feature with customers being able to integrate the data being received from the BBQ to their own system, displaying the information and functions on an already developed platform.

The Greenplate Fully Integrated Smart BBQ Monitoring System will assist in driving down unnecessary maintenance costs along with providing invaluable data insights into what the BBQ assets are doing and how they are being utilised and maintained.

As councils and asset owners look for ways to make use of the current emergence in connected devices, BBQ’s are key to assisting in the implementation of a truly connected community park. 

In turn if you would like a complete demonstration of the Smart BBQ Monitoring Systems Capabilities contact Greenplate directly.

Remember if it’s Greenplate its Great!

What Our VALUED Customers Really Think

Greenplate’s focus on providing quality products and great customer service continues to allow the company to achieve success in both the domestic and international markets. See below what some of our customers are saying about their experiences dealing with Greenplate and using our range of products.

From my first Contact with Greenplate through to purchasing and delivery, their Customer Service and follow up is outstanding!

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Greenplate Energy Efficient BBQ to anyone looking for quality and reliability.

Sean Hone – Coffs Coast Holiday Parks


We have claimed Ravenshoe as the green capital of Queensland with Hydro at Koombooloomba Dam in 1957 and still going strong.
First Windfarm in Queensland in 2000 and our two Solar BBQ’s in 2017. The day we opened the BBQ we cooked 4 batches of chops, sausages and prawns without it missing a beat, tastes better cooked with sunlight!
I would recommend anyone looking for a Solar Electric BBQ to contact Greenplate direct.

Ravenshoe – Rural Activities Incorporating Sustainable Energy Inc.


As Co-ordinator Parks & Gardens for the Tablelands Regional Council, I have the responsibility of sourcing products for all our Open Spaces and Recreation Parks.
Greenplate are our preferred Supplier for Barbecues and I would highly recommend them to any Council looking for ease of installation, Energy Efficiency and longevity of product.
More recently we purchased a Solar Electric Barbecue which we are thrilled about as there will be absolutely no ongoing running costs ever!
Jacobus Grundling – Co-ordinator Parks and Gardens, Tablelands Regional Council


The responses to the delivery and installation of the Equal Access Greenplate BBQ from our patients and their families have been overwhelmingly positive.
The BBQ is proving a safer option for our patients with paraplegia and tetraplegia to learn important cooking skills whilst delivering the opportunity for many to do what most of us enjoy, that is having a BBQ with our family and friends.
Thank you Greenplate, you have bought smiles to many faces.
Ben Hackwood – Spinal Injuries Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital


I have been very impressed with Greenplate Products for many years. I have found Greenplate to be extremely helpful with Sales, Service and Technical Support.

To my knowledge Greenplate is still the most energy efficient public barbecues available and I continue to recommend their use in retrofits of old infrastructure and new park development.

Stuart Nesbitt – Climate Change Technical Officer, Moreland City Council


Remember: If it’s Greenplate® – It’s Great!

Did you know we Custom Manufacture?

Greenplate are able to custom manufacture almost any style of BBQ bench a designer can think of, with access to a large custom manufacturing facility the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes when searching for that perfect look the standard range of BBQ benches just don’t fit. Greenplate have manufactured a large number of bespoke benches for clients across the globe. Some of these include Western Sydney Park Lands where a number of benches and coal bins were custom manufactured and surrounded in DURACLAD composite material.

If you are looking for an alternative to Greenplate’s range of Stainless Steel Benches contact the team to discuss a custom bench design that will enhance the space you are creating.

Remember: If it’s Greenplate® – It’s Great!

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