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Since 1983

GREENPLATE® is an all Australian owned and operated Electric Barbecue and Solar Product Company.  Greenplate’s Parent Company, Cosmos Solar Pty Ltd. has been trading since 1983 and established Greenplate Pty Ltd in 2004 as its Sales and Distribution arm of the Business.  Greenplate® pride themselves in ensuring their unique Electric Barbecues and Solar Products are consistently at the cutting edge of Technology and being Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2015, we can assure Clients that our practices consistently provide unsurpassed quality and service.

Greenplate® have an unrivalled reputation in their industry as the “Go to Company” for reliable, Energy Efficient BBQ’s and Innovative Solar Products with little to no maintenance required other than normal cleaning! As our market presence expands even further, our focus and goal is to continue providing environmentally friendly, cost effective, high quality products both nationally and around the world.

Greenplate’s dedication to their ongoing Research and Development arm of the business guarantees vigorous testing in-house under the scrutiny and guidance of our R&D Department.

Greenplate’s Professional team offer a consultative approach to Architects, Engineers, Developers, Local and State Government bodies etc. ensuring any Greenplate® standard product or customised work is designed to complement and harmonise with any project and location.

Greenplate® are flexible enough to tackle any size project whilst still delivering exceptional personalised service and value for money!

Energy Efficiency
Sustainable Product Solutions

As a society, we are becoming increasingly more aware of the demands placed on us all to preserve the environment and do all that we can to find more cost effective and energy efficient measures moving forward.

Greenplate’s InBench Barbecue cooking appliance utilizes Australian designed patented technology to achieve results never seen before its inception. The introduction of this technology has genuinely been a revolution in creating a sustainable product solution which reduces power consumption by up to 50% to that of any competitor’s Barbecue appliance on today’s market! This patented technology is a breakthrough in reducing emissions!

The efficiency and performance are credited to the In Bench Barbecue Units patented safe, extra low voltage and high current technology which never compromises on high heat capacity. This technique is used to achieve high temperatures in a short space of time whilst still using the least amount of energy possible.

As a society, we are becoming more aware of the demands placed on us all to preserve the environment as best we can and to find more cost effective and energy efficient measures moving forward. Greenplate’s patented designed Barbecues use approximately 50% LESS ENERGY than any other Electric Barbecue making it the most energy efficient Electric Barbecue on the market.

Greenplate is able to achieve these energy savings by utilizing its Patented safety extra low voltage and high current technology, which never compromises on heat capacity.

Not only are Greenplate® able to provide you with the most energy efficient and safest electric barbecues on the market, they are also exceptionally proud to state and delighted to advise that Greenplate® installed the first Solar Electric barbecue way back in 2001.

With our R & D Director, pioneering the way since the Company’s inception, our exceptionally passionate and highly trained staff ensure that you, our customer, are afforded the safest, most energy efficient Barbecues on today’s market.

Solar Solutions

Greenplate® specialise in Solar Electric Barbecues, Solar Lighting and Solar Locking Systems. In June 2017, Greenplate® were presented with a Good Design Award for 2017 in the category of Commercial and Industrial for their Solar Electric Barbecue. The Judges’ comments were … “The Greenplate Solar Electric BBQ is a game changer that has met and surpassed all the criteria for design and innovation. Form, function, safety and sustainability are blended together to make a truly unique product with amazing potential.”

Greenplate® are proud to have a truly unique product and as the first Solar Electric Barbecue was installed, some 16 years ago this Solar Electric Barbecue is still running superbly and efficiently without any replacement batteries or any ongoing power/running costs as 100% energy is supplied by a natural resource. This in turn has made the Clients investment from the date of installation, cost free!

Greenplate® can also power up projects with our Solar lighting systems and Solar bud/fairy lighting very effectively. Our Solar Locking Systems are designed for Public Amenities blocks to automatically lock and unlock doors at programmed times. This in turn saves Council’s money by not having to pay Staff/Contractors to do the job manually which also alleviates any unreliability.

To see our range of Solar electric barbecues Click Here

Equal Access for Equal Opportunities


At Greenplate® we are passionate about providing inclusive opportunities to persons of All Abilities! In June 2017, Greenplate® were presented with a Good Design Award for 2017 in the category of Commercial and Industrial for their Equal Access Barbecue. The Judges’ comments were … 

“A beautiful combination of form and function. The Equal Access BBQ bench and cabinet is a shining example of universal design coupled with high-end technology. This product exemplifies the ‘design for all’ message.”

Our D.D.A. (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant Equal Access Barbecues manufactured from 316 stainless steel are wheelchair accessible from all four sides unlike our competitors which only have access from one side. We have also ensured that the bench top around the cooking surface is sizable and that height regulations are adhered to.

In our extensive consultation process in conforming to DDA compliancy, Greenplate® have further enhanced their Equal Access Barbecues by facilitating user ability for the visually impaired. Colour combinations are critical -through switch and instruction modifications changing the use of a blue/white LED light as opposed to red/green and the use of extra-large font, those with a visual impairment can enjoy using Greenplate® Barbecues with ease and safety in mind.

Equal Access Barbecues highlight the benefits to those with disabilities practising the physical and socialisation skill opportunities afforded by our product. We do know Greenplate® have bought smiles to many faces allowing all to cook and enjoy a Barbecue with family and friends.

To see our range of Equal Access barbecues Click Here

Patent Design

 (Australian Patent Number: 761137)

GREENPLATE’S Patented high current, extra low voltage technology offers an exceptional cooking experience for the end user whilst never compromising on high, even heat disbursement across the entire hotplate. This technology offers efficiency and performance using approximately 50% LESS ENERGY than other barbecues on the market.

Furthermore, Greenplate’s unparalleled Patented technology achieves all this whilst still offering the SAFEST Electric Barbecue for the end user. Australian Patent Number: 761137.

To See Greenplate InBench Barbecue Unit Click Here

Greenplate Quality Management Statement

Quality Assured

As a Quality Assured Company to Standards ISO 9001:2015, Greenplate® ensures their practices provide unsurpassed quality and service to their Customers and guarantee that all processes will meet and exceed the obligations required to satisfy customer wants and needs.

Maintaining Quality Assurance status is an ongoing stringent process which requires consistency and dedication to running day to day operations. Greenplate® will continually strive to improve their Customer Service and efficiency wherever possible.


The safety of our consumers has always been of the highest priority to Greenplate®!

This has attributed to the creation of our patented, safety, extra low voltage and high current element in our Electric Barbecues which never compromises on high heat capacity.


■ Converts 240V to only 24V at the hotplate making it exceptionally safe for the end user with no chance of electrocution

■ Due to the design of the Barbecue, the bench top surrounds do not incur any heat

■ Perimeter of hotplate will not burn you if accidentally touched

■ Fully conforming warning labels

■ Hotplate preheat cycle allowing sterilisation to occur safely

■ 28-minute Cooking Cycle with auto- shut down

■ 5 second stop switch

■ 6 second delay switch (child safety feature)

■ Safe, rounded corners on all Equal Access Barbecue

■ BenchesOptional lift off or welded lids available

■ Individual power supply to each Barbecue Unit with safety switch


Unit 2/15 Natasha Street, Capalaba, 4157, Queensland, Australia


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