Greenplate® 300 Series II – coming soon…

Greenplate’s patented designed Barbecues use up to 50% LESS ENERGY to that of any other Electric Barbecue cooking appliance on the market.  The efficiency and performance is credited to the patented safe, extra low voltage and high current technology which...

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Ferro Resonance & Solar Power

Ferro resonance is an occurrence when any transformer becomes saturated which seems to be an ever increasing issue within Australia.  Since 2011, with articles written in places such as, The Australian titled, “Rooftop solar panels overloading electricity...

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Hysteresis Control & Logical Power Control

All electric Barbecues use what is termed hysteresis control, meaning the power is either on or off depending on the thermostat/thermocouple reading. The speed of the operation is dependent on the size of the temperature drop when the Barbecue plate is...

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Thermo Placement

A thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of a system which then enables that system’s temperature to be maintained near a desired set-point.  If it is too close or above the element it will read the bottom of the plate’s temperature which...

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Solar Electric BBQ’s withstanding the test of time…

Greenplate® are exceptionally proud and thrilled to have founded the first SOLAR ELECTRIC BARBECUE back in 2001.  This Barbecue was honoured with an award in 2001 at LOGOV (Local Government Expo), as the ‘Most Innovative Site’ presented by Logan City...

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