Canberra Solar Street Lighting

Towards the end of last year Greenplate along with BMSA Anchoring Systems completed the supply and installation of 11 Greenplate Solar LED Street Lights for the Mt Rogers Primary School in the West-Belconnen Region ACT.

Mt Rogers Primary School has been in operation since 1973 and was first known as Melba primary prior to the amalgamation in 2008. The school provides quality education from pre-school through to year 6. 


The school required lighting for the newly developed carpark and concrete play area. Greenplate’s 40w Solar LED Street Light and poles were used. These poles feature a counter weighted hinge that allows them to be lowered by one person. This gives the option to adjust the lights functionality along with scheduled cleaning of the panels and lights. Traditional street light poles would require a cherry picker or lift machinery to complete the task. The solar modules also featured anti bird wire to prevent birds from resting on the panel and mesh on the rear side of the solar module to prevent vandalism or damage.

All of these are standard features with the Greenplate Solar Street Light System.

Surefoot footings were used during the installation process to avoid using concrete, disruption of soil and machinery for digging.

A big thanks to BMSA Anchoring for installing the Solar Street Light Poles

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