Providing a Range of Commercial Barbecues

Greenplate® are an all Australian Owned and Operated manufacturer of high quality stainless steel commercial electric and solar barbecue systems for public open space and recreational facilities.

As a Quality Assured Company to ISO 9001:2015, Greenplate® have established themselves as the market leader when it comes to low-voltage, highly energy efficient cooking systems as well as a full range of sustainable product solutions including solar lighting, solar locking and highly versatile CIGS thin film solar products.


Energy Conscious

Our patented Greenplate® heating element technology provides substantial potential savings in energy consumption. Only 1.8kW / 7.8 AMPS per hotplate.



Our range of barbecue systems can be used in many different scenarios from public open space through to private apartment blocks and villas.


Technologically Advanced

Using advanced technology including electronic thermocouples and P.I.D. control offers radical improvements in temperature readout and control.


Reliable & Durable

All of our products are compliant to the relevant Australian Standards. Our barbecue systems are manufactured using the best quality Stainless Steel and designed to stand up to the toughest of conditions.

Solar Powered Solutions

Greenplate® design and manufacture a range of Solar LED Lighting options. These include Solar Powered Batten Lights perfect for shelters, covered walkways and bus stops and Solar LED Street Lights with hinged poles that allow for cleaning and maintenance of the modules without the use of machinery.

All lighting systems are supplied with the highest quality of components including maintenance free lithium battery packs.

Greenplate also offer a range of Solar Powered Solutions from Automatic Locking Systems for amenities blocks to the Miasole range of Thin Film Flexible Solar Modules.

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

Japan – Fujisawa Iwate

As a gesture from Central Highlands Regional Council (Queensland) to their Sister City, Inchinoseki City Council in Japan, Greenplate® supplied a Myles Double Barbecue with Powder Coated Mini Orb Panels for a friendship park located in Fujisawa Iwate....

Coffs Coast Holiday Park

Coffs Coast Holiday Park commissioned Greenplate® to initially customise a stainless steel double Barbecue bench/cabinet to house the energy efficient Greenplate® inbench Barbecue units coupled with a sink and splashback. Sean Hone, Operational Manager...

Hornibrook Esplanade

Hornibrook Esplanade was awarded to Greenplate® as part of a very large Tender that was released by Moreton Bay Regional Council in Queensland back in 2014. The Tender involved either demolishing old Barbecues and replacing them with new complete...

Beef Medallion Steak

Time to Beef It Up with Steak & Mushrooms

Today we are using Beef Rump Medallion with an amazing Mushroom Sauce on our Greenplate® Hotplate - Yummy ! RED MEAT - people don't eat a lot of it these days preferring Chicken, Fish or the other white meat - pork. Red meat is a great source of iron. It's good for...

Double Pattie Chicken Burger Deluxe

Let's Upsize - Go Big or Go Home - Upsizing these days is on everyone's list, but it is not always the healthy alternative. With our Double Pattie Chicken Deluxe Burger it's HUGE but good for you - all on a Greenplate® Hotplate!   Double Pattie Chicken Deluxe...
Public Barbecue

Add Some Vitamins to Your Breakky

Park picnic are so much fun when we get together with family and friends. Having breakfast in the park on the Winter mornings means we all love something that is good for us and fills our belly's. Why not do it with food that not only tastes great, but is good for...
A Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast – Brunch – Lunch – Whenever!

Why not spend one of one day this weekend at a picnic ground with family and friends having Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch on a Greenplate® free to use Public Park Barbecue.  Come the weekend, most of us are busy doing things around the house and garden or events with the...
Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

Let’s Go To Hawaii – With Our Tastebuds

Hawaii - What a marvelous place. Some dream about going - Some do it - here we have it on a plate! Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken with sweet mini capsicums and rice. Some say - "Oh a barbecue?" We say - "Why Not!"     Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken with Sweet Mini...

Make the Most of Mushrooms

Mushroom are a great source of Vitamin B - and help your body form red blood cells. An important function of a healthy brain.  Why not increase your Vitamin B intake by making your burger bun from Mushrooms. Hold back on the bread and fill your tummy with extra...
What our Customers are Saying …

Greenplate are my preferred Supplier for Electric Barbecues as they are very Safe, Energy Efficient and are not hard wired in. They have easy to remove InBench Units should the need arise and no power upgrades are required.

I initially purchased 11 Greenplate Barbecues some six years ago and have found them not requiring any maintenance! I would recommend Greenplate to anyone looking for an Electrical Barbecue based on value for money. We could not be more happy with the performance , low running costs and cooking ability as the hotplates sizzle the steaks, not stew them.

Rob Curry

Parks Supervisor

The responses to the delivery and installation of the Equal Access Greenplate BBQ from our patients and their families have been overwhelmingly positive.

The BBQ is proving a safer option for our patients with paraplegia and tetraplegia to learn important cooking skills whilst delivering the opportunity for many to do what most of us enjoy, that is having a BBQ with our family and friends.

Thank you Greenplate, you have bought smiles to many faces.

Ben Hackwood

Spinal Injuries Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital


Unit 2/15 Natasha Street, Capalaba, 4157, Queensland, Australia


+ 61 7 3245 3008


+ 61 7 3245 3009

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