BBQ Options

Powder Coating

Add a touch of color and contrast to your Barbecue Systems. Powder coating also offers some extra resistance to abrasion, finger-printing and discoloration commonly referred to as Tea Staining.

We offer a large range of colors that can be selected from the Dulux® range of Standard Powder Coat Colors (conditions apply)

Key Features:

  • Large Range of Dulux®  Powder Coat Colors
  • Durable & Easy to clean
  • Long lasting protection against discoloration aka tea staining
  • Excellent decorative qualities

Anti-Graffiti Coating

As the name suggests, this specialist coating assists with the easier removal most paints and texter marker inks commonly used by some of our budding street artists.

The use of harsh chemicals that may harm the environment may be avoided or substantially reduced and the permanent marking and subsequent degrading of appearance of the asset is prevented.

Anti-Graffiti coating is certainly recommended in areas where graffiti attacks and tagging are prevalent.

Key Features:

  • Allows most paints and texter inks to be removed more easily
  • Heat & Weather resistant
  • Long lasting protection against discoloration aka tea staining
  • Durable & easy to clean coating
  • Gloss finish with excellent length of life
  • Enhanced UV Protection
  • Enhanced anti-fingerprinting qualities

Fat Bin – Baffle Type

The Baffle type Fat Collection tray is designed to separate Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) from water following the same principles as a conventional Grease Trap. Excess water overflows through the provided outlet which can be connected to a hose or other suitable tubing. The FOG floats and is retained behind the baffle plate and this can be disposed of as a part of cleaning procedures.

Perfect for barbecue systems exposed to heavy rainfall and built to last in 304 Stainless Steel.

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for barbecues exposed to high rainfall
  • Designed to keep Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG) separated from collected water
  • Overflow fitted with polypropylene hose connector
  • For use with Fat Bin – Slide Frame

Fat Bin – Slide Frame

Designed for use with our Baffle Type Fat Bin to provide easy, slide in/slide out access for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • For use with Fat Bin – Baffle Type
  • Raised, slide in/slide out access for easier emptying and maintenance
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