Flexible Solar Systems

Custom designed systems for Commercial & Residential

  • Light weight & aesthetically pleasing
  • Super efficient even on cloudy days
  • Highly vandal-resistant
  • Water Pumping and Lighting
  • Surveillance Cameras & Transmitters
  • Dive Platforms, compressed Air pumping and lighting
  • Each System is tailored to suit your individual requirements


Greenplate® offer Solar Solutions for any application, whether its powering up Solar lighting to a Shelter, trees with fairy/bud lights or remote solar pumping and amenities stations, the options are endless!

When it comes to Solar, Greenplate® are undeniably the most reliable in the marketplace. Our custom power solutions are designed to never fail with minimal system maintenance required. No application is too big or too small. Greenplate® offer a consultation process that will ensure your Solar Solution’s desired results are met and exceeded.

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