Street Lighting

LED Street Lighting

The Greenplate LED Solar Street Lights are highly efficient, easy to install and extremely reliable.

The Fully Integrated 40W Light head produces 5200 lumens of crystal clear light and the built-in controller and battery system are encased in an IP67 rated die-cast aluminum case. The Microwave sensor allows customized programming of lighting times and brightness levels through the supplied remote and has a motion detection range of up to 12 metres.

Once installed, the Greenplate designed, see-saw type light pole can be lowered and raised for maintenance by one person without the need for any machinery, special tooling or high-lifting gear.

Our Solar LED Street Lights are perfectly suited for the lighting of pathways, public open space areas, mining applications, minor roads, car parks and any area where lighting is needed but mains power is not readily available.

Our team can arrange for lighting plans for P Rating compliance – call us for further details

Key Features:

Solar Module:

  • Monocrystalline 18V, 120W
  • HDG Steel module support frame
  • Marine grade twin core cabling plus wiring harness
  • Bird deterrent wire mounted on module
  • HDG mesh screen for damage protection under module
  • Plug & Play MC4 Connectors

Light Head:

  • 40W, 24VDC – 5200Lumens
  • Constant current operation
  • Built-In Smart MPPT solar controller
  • Built-In PIR/Microwave Sensor (Optional)
  • Built-In LifePO4 Battery provides up to 12 Hours of light at 100% output with up to 3 days autonomy in economy mode  – Charge Time: 6 Hours
  • IP67 rated waterproof aluminum die cast, sealed body
  • Remote Control Included
  • Suitable for mounting heights up to 8 meters.

See-Saw Pole:

  • HDG Steel 6 metre, 100mm X 100mm square, hollow section see-saw type pole
  • Can be raised and lowered by one person for maintenance – no mechanical assistance or lifting gear required
  • Hinge is locked by Security Bolt with vandal resistant cam lock
  • HDG Steel 1 metre outreach arm
  • Certified compliant – AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 – Wind Region C, Terrain Category 2
  • Footing system not included – Surefoot® type, non-concrete footing system can be used
  • Optional Powder Coating

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