Solar Assisted

Grid Connected

Any Greenplate Electric Barbecue System can be adapted to take advantage of Clean, Green, Solar Energy. The Barbecue Hotplate is powered with free energy from the sun during daylight hours with excess power returned to the grid when the system is not in use. The system will automatically draw on AC/Mains power when conditions are not suitable for solar energy production such as night time or very overcast days.

The solar array – either Monocrystalline or Thin Film – can be installed on existing infrastructure such as shelters or camp kitchen roofing or, the Greenplate Shelter can be supplied for this purpose.

The Greenplate Solar Grid Connected Barbecue is a practical solution to drive down ongoing power costs whilst also looking after our environment and cutting emissions.

Photo: Yea Caravan Park

Key Features:

  • Can be applied to any system from our range of Electric Barbecue Systems
  • Custom build your own system with the Inbench Barbecue Hotplate and your choice of substructure
  • Grid Link inverter installed within the substructure of the barbecue or externally*
  • Choice of Solar Modules – Monocrystalline or Thin Film Flexible Panels**
  • Solar energy powers the Barbecue System when in use and excess power is returned to the grid
  • Each system can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

*Inverter may need to be housed externally depending on choice of substructure

**Barbecue system must be under or close to a suitable roofing structure such as shelter to mount the solar array.

Warranty: Standard manufacturers warranties apply to all products supplied – see Tech Data for details

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