Solar Lighting

Bud | Festoon | Fairy

Greenplate can design and supply LED bud and festoon lighting systems for a myriad of applications. From trees to shop fronts and shelters to restaurant and cafe awnings, these ultra-safe 12 Volt DC solar powered systems provide many hours of attractive, reliable and environmentally friendly lighting.

The lighting systems can be designed to incorporate Thin Film or conventional Monocrystalline solar modules dependent on site requirements and battery type and sizing is designed to suit the specific demands of each project.

Key Features:

  • 12VDC Solar Charged, Battery Powered
  • Battery systems customized to specific site requirements

Suggested uses:

  • Tree Lighting for Main Streets & Parks
  • Shop Fronts & Food Courts
  • Remote Truck Stops
  • Cafe awnings and gazebos

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