Solar Locking

Solar Powered Locking

Greenplate Solar Locking allows for the locking and unlocking of doors automatically and without keys. These systems are completely autonomous and do not rely on Mains/AC power at all, meaning they are never affected by power outages. Correctly designed battery sizing coupled with either Monocrystalline or Thin Film Solar modules ensure these systems will continue to operate reliably even during extended poor weather periods. Locking and unlocking times can be set by hour or by light sensor – for example, an amenities block can be unlocked during daylight hours and locked during the night.

Many facilities such as toilet blocks are locked and unlocked manually by staff or security contractors which can be both time consuming, expensive and some instances unreliable. The Greenplate Solar Locking System offers considerable cost savings and excellent ROI by fully automating the locking and unlocking of such facilities in a highly reliable manner. Each system comes complete with solar charging kit, battery system, wiring and manual override for emergency exit avoiding any risk of accidental lock-in. Locking mechanisms can also be provided and our team can design complete systems to include locking, lighting and even water/waste pumping where required.

Key Features:

  • No Mains/AC power needed
  • Solar charged Battery operated
  • Available with Thin Film or Monocrystalline Solar Modules
  • Dusk to Dawn or Hourly adjustable settings
  • Programmed to automatically lock and unlock
  • Manual override for emergency exit
  • Lock-down switch provided for maintenance etc.
  • Available in 12 Volt or 24 Volt
  • Ability to adjoin other fused outlets for lighting and water pumping applications

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