Thin Film Solar

Thin Film Solar

With many years of dedication and associated experience, Greenplate has established itself as a leader in the design and supply of Thin Film Solar powered systems.

Thin Film Solar Technology, particularly CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide), addresses some of the Issues such as theft, vandalism and extreme weather conditions that may exclude the use of more conventional glass (mono or polycrystalline) modules in particular projects.

FLEX-N modules are ideal for architectural standing seam metal roofs. They bond to the roof surface with a simple peel-and-stick adhesive which eliminates the need for racking and reduces labor and logistics cost to provide a 20% lower BOS cost than traditional glass solar systems.

From lighting and locking systems to commercial and residential power applications including our award winning Solar Electric BBQ, Greenplate have the technology and the expertise to provide the most appropriate solution.

Greenplate is a stockist of a range of thin film products including Hanergy/MiaSolé FLEX-N CIGS modules. All FLEX Series modules are IEC 61646,  IEC 61730 and UL 1703 certified.



Key Features:

  • The low weight of the modules allows for installation to existing rooftops without the worry of weight being an issue. Perfect Thermoplastic and EDPM canopies and low-load capacity, low slope roofs
  • No roof penetrations, eliminating the worry of leakage and damage to valuable contents within the building – simply peel and stick
  • Aesthetically pleasing, preserving the original look of the metal roof by blending into the space between the seams or fixing directly over the top
  • Superior resistance to wind and seismic damage when compared to traditional rack-and-panel systems where their higher profile and lower flexibility increases the likelihood of damage
  • Highly resistant to vandal attack and extreme weather conditions such as hail
  • Exceptional performance in low-light and high ambient temperature conditions
  • Shipping rolled instead of flat to enable a more efficient container size offering reduced freight costs
  • Applications include battery charging for Vehicles such as Trucks and Buses and Recreational Vehicles to improve battery life and reduce fuel costs,  providing power for wifi hotspots, Floating Solar Platforms for power generation and many more



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