Throughout the Main Street of Gympie Queensland there are a number of alfresco dining options. This allows the locals and tourists alike to enjoy outdoor entertainment. Covering the large trees along the street are a number of lighting displays creating a vibrant and peaceful setting.

Greenplate® were tasked with providing a power solution to light up the trees.

The biggest issue Gympie Regional Council were facing was having to dig up the road and traffic islands to gain power which would have caused major disruptions.

However, Greenplate® were able to design Solar Poles which housed the batteries and controller. The solar modules were installed on top giving the look of a normal Solar Street Light. The cable was then directed from the pole to the lights in the trees therefore lighting up Main Street, Gympie.

This enabled a cost effective solution for council to be able to provide the decorative tree lighting for the shire.

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Solar Bud Lighting

Greenplate® offer Solar Solutions for any application, whether its powering up Solar lighting to a Shelter, trees with fairy/bud lights or remote solar pumping and amenities stations, the options are endless!

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