Remember: if it’s Greenplate it's Great!

Greenplate have recently supplied and installed two new Solar LED Street Lights for Brisbane’s Dog Off Leash Park on the corner of Cavendish Road and Boundary Road at Whites Hill.

These are the latest model of Street Lighting currently offered with the components all incorporated inside the light fitting. Brisbane City Council required a customised operation where the lights had to be turned on at 5:30pm and turned off at 10:30pm. Greenplate therefore installed a timer inside the light head allowing for this application. The light poles were also manufactured with a hinged system. This allows for the Light Head and Solar Module to be easily lowered by one person in the event of maintenance or cleaning.

Greenplate also used the BMSA Anchoring System. This innovative footing system means that no concreate, digging or heavy machinery is required for installation. Allowing for the footing and light pole to be installed in the one day. A big thanks to the guys at BMSA Anchoring Systems for installing these footings on site and we look forward to offering this system in upcoming street lighting projects.

These LED Street Lights will now provide trouble free lighting for the local Brisbane City Council residents to enjoy time with their dogs after dark.