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Delicious, Heart-Healthy Recipes brought to you by

Greenplate® and Feed Me Healthy


The public barbecue can be so much more than sausages and burgers!

Feed Me Healthy and Greenplate® have teamed up to bring you a series of recipes demonstrating how to cook up a storm on the humble hotplate.

With readily available ingredients that are not just delicious to eat but also truly good for your health and well being.

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Portuguese Chicken Burger

There is nothing better than a burger on the barbie - Why not try a Portuguese Chicken Burger Portuguese Chicken Burger 1 Aldi Brioche Bun1 Chicken Breast1 tsp Masterfoods Portuguese Seasoning1 Tbls Plain 99% fat free yoghurt1/2 tsp Nandos hot sauce (or...

BBQ Maple Glazed Pork with Salad

Who doesn't love a yummy sticky BBQ Maple Glazed Pork Steak with fresh salad cooked on our Greenplate Barbecue. Take a look at our recipe and see if you can create this scrumptious meal.  BBQ Maple Glazed Pork & Salad Pork Marinade4 Pork Steaks1.5 tbsp French,...

Healthy Chicken Skewers

What better way to celebrate with family and friends than with wonderful food. Next time you have a family get together in the park, take along Feed Me Healthy's easy healthy Chicken Skewers. Healthy Chicken Skewers The skewers can be made with any ingredients that...

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