Chinese New Year

Today is the day we welcome the start of the of the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations and the beginning of the Spring Festival. We have now entered the Year of the Pig. According to the Chinese Zodiac, this animal associates with wealth and prosperity.

The Chinese calendar uses the Lunar, Solar and 60 Stem-Branch System. The 60-Stem Branch System is derived from the traditional elements of Yin and Yang. Metal, Water, Earth, Fire and Wood. This system of calendar was first introduced in 2698 BC therefore we are celebrating the 4717th Chinese Year.

Over the last 10 days, the largest recorded human migration has occurred with an estimated 3 Billion people travelling to either see family and friends or spend the new year’s break on holidays.

A pig represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty, general prosperity, symbolizing a hard working, a peace-loving person, a truthful, generous, indulgent, patient, reliable, trusting, sincere, giving, sociable person with a large sense of humour and understanding.


Year of the Pig

The entire team at Greenplate would like to wish everybody a Safe and Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of the Pig bring good luck and prosperity to all.

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