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Solar Electric BBQ’s withstanding the test of time…

Greenplate® are exceptionally proud and thrilled to have founded the first SOLAR ELECTRIC BARBECUE back in 2001.  This Barbecue was honoured with an award in 2001 at LOGOV (Local Government Expo), as the ‘Most Innovative Site’ presented by Logan City Council Mayor John Freeman. This award winning Solar Electric Barbecue is in in its sixteenth (16) year of use and to date is still running superbly without requiring any replacement batteries and the owners have enjoyed no ongoing power/running costs since the day it was installed as 100% energy is supplied by a natural resource.  In effect the Barbecue has not cost one cent since the inception of the Barbecue being installed!

As a society, we are becoming more aware of the demands placed on us all to preserve the environment as best we can and to find and consider more cost effective and energy efficient measures moving forward.  Council’s around the Country and other Government entities such as Queanbeyan City Council, Newcastle City Council, Brisbane City Council, Hume City Council, BHP Billiton – Port Headland, Office for the Outback Communities Authority in South Australia and the most recent being Tablelands Regional Council and the Chamber Of Commerce whom purchased two (2) Solar Electric Barbecues that were installed in the same small town, Ravenshoe, in Queensland’s beautiful Tablelands Region, are all investing very wisely.  Consideration and action by the aforementioned, are certainly playing their part in adhering to best practice from a sustainability perspective!

Greenplate® Solar Electric Barbecues form part of the Companies Sustainable Product Solutions methodology, which aims to achieve a zero carbon footprint wherever possible.

Greenplate® Solar Electric Barbecues…. Truly withstanding the test of time!

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