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THE Greenplate® RANGE

Greenplate® premium range of public barbecues feature a variety of electric and solar solutions including standalone cooktops, complete barbecue systems, disability access, off grid capabilities and SMART app management. High-quality stainless-steel barbecues manufactured for long term use in outdoor spaces – designed for durability against sun, harsh weather, and prevention against vandalism.

Inbench Electric BBQ HOTPLATE

The Inbench Electric BBQ Hotplate is fitted across the entire range of Greenplate® Electric Barbecue Cabinets but can also be purchased individually for retrofitting into existing cabinets or custom designed projects.

Featuring Greenplate’s patented, energy-efficient 1.8kW heating element and a mono-pressed 321 stainless steel hot plate, the In-bench BBQ delivers the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with exceptional safety, reliability, and durability.

DC Series Inbench BBQ

Introducing the DC Series Inbench Electric BBQ from Greenplate® – a revolutionary cooking solution that promises to transform the way you cook your food.

Designed to operate at temperatures up to 320 degrees, all while being powered by a 24v DC power supply.

Eco Barbecue Cabinet Range

The Eco Barbecue combines sustainability and affordability with quality and style. It offers a durable, economical and environmentally friendly solution for any public outdoor cooking space.

Designed with correct heights and overhangs to ensure wheelchair accessibility, the Eco series is fully certified to DDA Compliancy.

Equal Access Barbecue Cabinet Range

The Greenplate® Equal Access Barbecue Cabinet Range was a Gold Winner at the International Good Design Awards in 2017.

Wheelchair access is available from all four sides of the barbecue hotplate complete with Disability certification, blue and white LED indicator lights on the switches and extra-large font on all instructional signage accompanied with Greenplate® Patented Inbench BBQ Hotplate and backed by an industry best warranty. A premium option and product of choice for genuinely inclusive community open space projects.

MAtilda Barbecue Cabinet Range

The Greenplate® Matilda Barbecue is designed to be compact and budget conscious whilst still offering generous preparation area around the hotplate. Available in several different configurations that allow for 1, 2 and 3 Barbecue combinations including provisions for sinks and other accessories.

Well suited for private use and gated communities such as lifestyle villages and caravan parks but tough enough for use in inner city pocket parks and other open space areas where space may be at a premium.

Available in various combinations that include single, double, triple hotplates and sinks.

Solar Standalone Off-Grid

Greenplate® Solar Standalone Off Grid Electric Barbecues are the ideal solution to any situation where Mains/AC power is either not available or too difficult/costly to access and safe, reliable cooking facilities are required.

“The Solar Electric BBQ is a game changer that has met and surpassed all the criteria for design and innovation. Form, function, safety and sustainability are blended together to make a truly unique product with amazing potential.”
Good Design Award® Gold Winner 2017

Smart BBQ Management System

Help drive maintenance costs down and improve fault response times by receiving system reports on usage and energy consumption straight to your phone or desktop.

The Greenplate® Smart Management System for BBQs sends data from the barbecue to an online dashboard for easy accessible reporting. Use on desktop, mobile device or integrate into your existing Smart City Platforms.

BBQ Accessories

Greenplate offers a range of accessories to compliment the Electric and Solar Electric BBQ ranges.

These accessories vary from Stainless Steel, Sinks, BBQ Lids including accesses to complete powder coating solutions. Designed for outdoor environments and available on the entire range of Greenplate Barbecues and Cabinets.


Greenplate’s premium range of Inbench BBQ hotplates are designed to simply retrofit into existing BBQ cabinets. Retrofit doors are available to block public access to the BBQ controls.

Greenplate also specialises in the design and manufacture of custom cabinets. The team works closely with architects and designers to produce a product that is catered to the clients needs and expectations.