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DC Electric BBQ

Greenplate® DC Series Inbench BBQ

Introducing the DC Series Inbench Electric BBQ from Greenplate – a revolutionary cooking solution that promises to transform the way you cook your food.

Designed to operate at temperatures up to 320 degrees, all while being powered by a 24v DC power supply.

    BBQs Made

    What sets our product apart is its ability to be customized to fit your unique power requirements. Our customers have the freedom to design their own power system to suit their specific cooking needs. Whether you’re looking to use solar, wind, generator, or mains power, our BBQ system can be charged from a variety of power sources.

    Our Inbench Electric BBQ is perfect for those who need a portable cooking solution. Its mobility makes it perfect for camping trips, outdoor gatherings, or even for use on a food truck. The 120A Anderson plug connection ensures a simple and secure connection, while the push-button start and indicator lights provide an easy-to-use interface that lets you know when the BBQ is heating or when it has reached the desired temperature.

    At Greenplate, we take pride in designing and producing high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. Our DC Series Inbench Electric BBQ is no exception. With its superior cooking capabilities, ease of use, and DC operation, it is sure to become a must-have for any outdoor cooking enthusiast or person looking to provide cooking facilities where mains power is impractical or unachievable.

    DC Series Inbench Electric BBQ
    DC Series Inbench Electric BBQ - BBQ and Battery no stand

    GREENPLATE DC Series InBench BBQ Unit

    Overall Cooking Plate Size : 540mm X 540mm
    Cooking Surface Area : 410mm X 410mm
    Required Cut-Out : 490mm X 490mm
    Weight: 20Kg*
    Patent Number:761137
    5 years heating element
    2 years electronics
    2 years labour
    Lifetime structural warranty – conditions apply

    DC Series Inbench Electric BBQ - BBQ Back
    DC Series Inbench Electric BBQ - Anderson plug
    Lifetime Structural Warranty


    City of Charles Sturt

    “I just want to say that we are very happy with the new Greenplate BBQs at St Clair. Albeit they are not getting much use at the moment with COVID-19 regulations but I’m sure they’ll get a good workout when restrictions are lifted. I also wanted to add that Chris Onslow and the rest of the Greenplate Team have been a pleasure to deal with”

    TM – Project Management Team

    Landscape Construction

    Princess Alexandra Hospital

    “The responses to the delivery and installation of the Equal Access Greenplate BBQ from our patients and their families have been overwhelmingly positive. The BBQ is proving a safer option for our patients with paraplegia and tetraplegia to learn important cooking skills whilst delivering the opportunity for many to do what most of us enjoy, that is having a BBQ with our family and friends.

    Thank you Greenplate, you have bought smiles to many faces.”

    Ben Hackwood

    Spinal Injuries Unit

    Cassowary Coast Regional Council

    “Greenplate are my preferred Supplier for Electric Barbecues as they are very Safe, Energy Efficient and are not hard wired in. They have easy to remove InBench Units should the need arise and no power upgrades are required.

    We could not be more happy with the performance, low running costs and cooking ability as the hotplates sizzle the steaks, not stew them.”

    Rob Curry

    Parks Supervisor

    Tablelands Regional Council

    “As Co-ordinator Parks & Gardens for the Tablelands Regional Council, I have the responsibility of sourcing products for all our Open Spaces and Recreation Parks.

    Greenplate are our preferred Supplier for Barbecues and I would highly recommend them to any Council looking for ease of installation, Energy Efficiency and longevity of product. More recently we purchased a Solar Electric Barbecue which we are thrilled about as there will be absolutely no ongoing running costs ever!”

    Jacobus Grundling

    Co-ordinator Parks and Gardens

    Rural Activities Incorporating Sustainable Energy. Inc

    “We have claimed Ravenshoe as the green capital of Queensland with Hydro at Koombooloomba Dam in 1957 and still going strong. First Windfarm in Queensland in 2000 and our two Solar BBQ’s in 2017. The day we opened the BBQ we cooked 4 batches of chops, sausages and prawns without it missing a beat, tastes better cooked with sunlight!

    I would recommend anyone looking for a Solar Electric BBQ to contact Greenplate direct.”



    Coffs Coast Holiday Parks

    “From my first Contact with Greenplate through to purchasing and delivery, their Customer Service and follow up is outstanding!

    I would have no hesitation in recommending the Greenplate Energy Efficient BBQ to anyone looking for quality and reliability.”

    Sean Hone

    Coffs Coast Holiday Parks

    Moreland City Council

    “I have been very impressed with Greenplate Products for many years. I have found Greenplate to be extremely helpful with Sales, Service and Technical Support.

    To my knowledge Greenplate is still the most energy efficient public barbecues available and I continue to recommend their use in retrofits of old infrastructure and new park development.”

    Stuart Nesbitt

    Climate Change Technical Officer

    + Cooking Performance

    Greenplate’s® patented 1.8Kw Safety Extra Low Voltage Heating Design features increased energy efficiency and cooking performance. Requires 24v power supply only to operate. No inverters or 240-volt mains power required.

    Anti-warping and corrosion

    Mono pressed Stainless Steel Cooking Plate provides a quality build that features anti-warping and corrosion properties, whilst providing exceptional heat transfer.

    Child Safety Feature

    6 Second Child Safety Start Delay Feature as well as other start options available.


    Greenplate’s® DC Inbench BBQ features the latest in digital temperature control, reducing heat loss and providing even distribution of heat across the entire cooking surface.

    Digital Temperature Control
    + 28 Minute Cooking Cycle

    The Digital Temperature Control Module includes an adjustable 50°C – 320°C cooking range. Includes a 28 Minute Cooking Cycle – cooking cycles also adjustable on order for custom requirements.

    Perfect for portable use and remote locations

    Greenplate’s® DC Inbench BBQ Unit is powered by using a 24v supply. This enables the unit to be installed in places where mains power is unattainable. The DC BBQ unit can also be installed into RVs, Boats, Caravans, and other locations. This is the perfect alternative to LPG/Gas powered BBQs.


    Make an enquiry about your project and our sales support team will be in touch.

    FEATURED Projects

    Warrabrook Reserve Newcastle

    Solar BBQ installed at Warrabrook Reserve Newcastle with integrated roof solar module system.

    The primary objective was to provide a reliable and eco-friendly cooking solution in a park setting where traditional power sources were economically unfeasible.