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Warrabrook Reserve Newcastle

Solar Standalone Electric BBQ


Newcastle, New South Wales

Greenplate proudly collaborated with the City of Newcastle to implement an innovative solution at Warrabrook Reserve. Faced with the challenge of cost prohibitive mains power installation, the Council opted for Greenplate’s cutting edge Solar Standalone Electric Barbecue System, setting a new standard in sustainable outdoor amenities.

The primary objective was to provide a reliable and eco-friendly cooking solution in a park setting where traditional power sources were economically unfeasible. The implementation of the Solar Electric Barbecue aimed to enhance the park experience for visitors while minimizing ongoing operational costs.

Newcastle City Council was enthusiastic about adopting Greenplate’s Solar Electric Barbecue to address the power challenges at Warrabrook Reserve. The decision was guided by exorbitant costs associated with extending mains power to the location. Be selecting the Greenplate solution, the Council not only resolved the power supply issue but also invested in a sustainable and cost-effective outdoor cooking solution.

Key Features

  • Solar Powered Efficiency: The Solar Electric Barbecue harnesses solar energy, ensuring a clean and renewable power source. This not only aligns with environmental goals but also eliminates ongoing operational expenses.
  • Integrated Roof Panels: The Council chose to enhance the aesthetics of the installation by opting for the integrated roof panel system. This design choice seamlessly integrates the solar technology, making the barbecue virtually indistinguishable as a solar powered unit.

The initial investment in Greenplate’s Solar Electric Barbecue, coupled with the integrated roof panels transforms this project into a long-term investment for the Newcastle City Council. With no ongoing running costs, the Council has secured a sustainable and durable outdoor cooking solution for the community, ensuring benefits for many years to come.

The collaboration between Greenplate and Newcastle City Council exemplifies a commitment to sustainable urban planning. The Solar Electric Barbecue at Warrabrook Reserve not only overcame logistical challenges but also serves as a beacon for eco-friendly innovation in outdoor amenities. Greenplate is proud to contribute to the creation of environmentally conscious public spaces, showcasing the potential for clean energy solutions in community development.