SMART BBQ Management System

SMART Barbecue

The world of Connectivity is here and Greenplate have developed the first Fully Integrated Smart BBQ Management System which communicates information monitored off the BBQ back to a centralised Dashboard via the Cat M1/NB-IOT Network.

How much time is spent dealing with issues relating to public BBQ’s? Greenplate, through years of manufacturing and servicing electric barbecues continue to hear of the extensive budgets local governments and holiday parks need to respond to problems and keep the barbecues functioning. The Smart BBQ Management System will help drive maintenance costs down, improve on fault response times and will offer genuinely useful reporting on system usage and energy consumption – all from the comfort of your office or base station.

The system is also designed to be retrofitted to all existing Greenplate BBQ’s reducing the need to purchase a new BBQ when the current unit is still in operation.

Key Features:

  • BBQ Fault Detection (Notifies Owners of issues with the BBQ)
  • Fat Bin Level (Detects the level of the fat bin and displays as a %)
  • Tripped Breaker Alert ( A battery backup allows for an alert to notify the user to turn breaker on)
  • BBQ Usage Display (Cycle Counter and Power Consumption of the BBQ is displayed this also can display power trends in parks with both min and max voltages occurring)
  • Remote Shutdown of BBQ ( Disable the BBQ Unit, useful during events or shutdown of parks for maintenance)
  • Remote Adjustment of BBQ Temperature (Be able to remotely change the temperature of the BBQ from the dashboard)
  • Door Open/Close Notifications (Displays the door state either open or closed and records the time it was opened)
  • Email notifications (Each BBQ can be assigned an email address for alerts to be sent to)

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