Solar BBQ

Standalone Off Grid

The Greenplate Standalone Off-Grid Solar Barbecue is the ideal solution to any situation where Mains/AC power is either not available to difficult/costly to access and safe, reliable cooking facilities are required.

This BBQ System is 100% powered by Renewable Energy. The power source for the integrated Inbench BBQ Hotplate is a  pre-configured battery bank. These batteries are charged by a suitable Solar Array.

The system has the capacity to provide power to a number of ancillary applications such as lighting and sprinkler systems. The solar array can be adapted to work with existing roofing structures such as shelters or nearby amenities blocks or new structures such as the Greenplate Shelter.

High efficiency Monocrystalline or Vandal and theft resistant Thin Film Solar arrays are available.

A Good Design Award® Winner in 2017, the Judges stated: “The Solar Electric BBQ is a game changer that has met and surpassed all the criteria for design and innovation. Form, function, safety and sustainability are blended together to make a truly unique product with amazing potential.”

Key Features:

  • Fully assembled 304 Stainless Steel substructure and bench top with integrated Inbench DC Barbecue Hotplate
  • Available in Single or Double Hotplate configuration
  • Preconfigured VRLA Gel Battery Storage Bank
  • Morningstar Solar Charge Regulator
  • Choice of Solar Modules – Monocrystalline or Thin Film Flexible Panels*
  • No Mains/AC Power required
  • Other Renewable Energy Resources such as Wind can be used instead of or in conjunction with the Solar Array

*Barbecue system must be under or close to a suitable roofing structure such as shelter to mount the solar array.


Single: 2280mm (L) x 900mm(W) x 900mm(H)

Double: Bench: 2454mm (L) x 814.25mm(W) x 9450mm (H) + Splash-back/Battery Compartment: 2454mm (L) x 382mm (W) x 1400mm(H)

Warranty: Standard manufacturers warranties apply to all products supplied – see Tech Data for details


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