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Brindabella Christian College

Solar BBQ


Brindabella Christian College

Brindabella Christian College located at Lyneham in the Australian Capital Territory is leading the way for campuses using cutting edge energy efficiency products and technological advancements.

Apart from becoming the 1st Carbon Neutral Private School in the country the college was proudly awarded Energy ZNE for its 15 Classroom Junior School building that houses over 100 Kw of solar modules.

To add to the classroom, in 2020 EVT Energy commercialised the first Solar Tree at Brindabella Christian College. Solar Trees are a fantastic example of how Solar Modules can be used in both Clean Energy Generation, Architectural Design and Education. Greenplate® worked closely with EVT Energy in the deployment of this project and integrating our Greenplate® Solar Standalone BBQ system with the innovative AUS-E® Tree.

The AUS-E® Tree captures energy from its solar modules and charges the Greenplate® Solar Standalone BBQ System which then intelligently connects to a simple to use educational application that shows how much power is generated and used from the system.

The Solar Barbecue provides carbon neutral cooking, replacing the existing gas BBQ’s that the college used also providing a perfect education tool for future generations on utilising clean energy solutions and how that can benefit our lives in the future.