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Sydney Olympic Park

Smart BBQ Management System,


Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park Adopt Greenplate’s Smart BBQ Management System Technology.

Prior to the lockdowns in Sydney the Greenplate Team completed installing the first 10 BBQs for Sydney Olympic Park Authority. These Greenplate BBQs utilise the latest and best in Smart BBQ Management System Technology allowing the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to be able to monitor and manage their fleet of BBQs more effectively. The system provides valuable data and insights into the operation of the BBQ’s.

  • How and when they are being used.
  • When they need to be cleaned.
  • When they need to be repaired and what has gone wrong.
  • What power is being used by the BBQ’s and when.

The 10 BBQs were installed along the Parramatta River at the Newington Armoury Warf with another 41 BBQ’s being upgraded at various sites across the Sydney Olympic Park Precinct over the coming months.