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Three Paddocks Park, Birkdale



Redland City Council

Three Paddocks Park is located directly in the heart of Birkdale in the Redland Bay Region, directly opposite from the Wellington Point High School. The location provides excellent open space facilities that back onto a beautiful canal estate. The park has recently been upgraded with new play equipment, toilet facilities and, of course, a Greenplate Barbecue System.

The Matilda Double Barbecue System with Extended Benchtop was selected for this project and judging by the amazingly high level of use, it has certainly been well received.

Premium quality Duplex Stainless Steel Hotplates with patented heating technology, 304 stainless steel enclosure and bench top and industry leading warranty give our customers absolute confidence that their parks are equipped with the best cooking facilities for their communities.

Greenplate was the winner of the coveted Business of the Year Awards hosted by Redland City Chamber of Commerce in November 2019.

Project Video