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Today the warehouse team dispatched the final order of Myles BBQ Cabinets. This range was first added to the Greenplate product line all the way back in 2004 and have been a staple in open spaces not only in Australia but across Europe and Japan.

Greenplate BBQ’s are continuously being installed across Europe with new locations added all the time. Pictured are a number of recent installations with the first being installed in the Czech Republic. An African style theme was used for the design of the BBQ bench

Greenplate® BBQ’s have been sent all over the world and here they are popping up again in the Singapore News Paper. Greenplate supplied a number of Energy Efficient BBQ’s recently to it’s distributor Proline Pty Ltd who then installed them into the Safra Tampines

Greenplate have been extremely busy over the last 12 months sending BBQ’s to distributors and customers around the world. We have now sent BBQ’s to over 20 countries.

That’s a whole lot of people being able to enjoy the art of public BBQing that us Australians sometimes take for granted.

Keep an eye out for further exciting news regarding Greenplate and the overseas market.