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Efficient Grilling: Technological Advantages of Greenplate BBQs

In the ongoing quest for energy efficient solutions, even the traditional park barbecue has undergone revolutionary transformations over the decades. Greenplate BBQs have been at the forefront of these advances utilising an innovative approach to barbecuing that not only reduces energy consumption but also enhances safety and performance. At the heart of Greenplate BBQs lies a sophisticated technical design that sets them apart from conventional electric grilling systems. Greenplate BBQs utilize a non-insulated element paired with a toroidal transformer, a combination that allows for significant efficiency gains. In this article we delve deeper into the technical specifications and features that make Greenplate BBQs an eco-friendly public barbecue solution.

Energy Efficiency through Voltage Conversion:

One of the key features of Greenplate BBQs is their ability to convert mains voltage from 240VAC to a nominal 24VAC at the heating element. This voltage transformation enables the BBQ to operate at a power rating of 1.8kW, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional comparative systems. By utilizing lower voltage, Greenplate BBQs achieve the same level of heating power as conventional grills with less energy input.

Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV):

The use of 24V in Greenplate BBQs falls under the Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) category, ensuring enhanced safety during operations. As a result, the heating element does not require insulation, unlike conventional electric grills that rely on higher voltage elements. This absence of insulation not only reduces heat loss but also eliminates the need to heat the element insulation layers, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Predictive Power Adjustment & Digital Temperature Control:

PID control is a sophisticated algorithm that determines that amount of power required to sustain desired cooking temperature by anticipating changes in heat demand. Unlike traditional temperature control methods, which rely on simple on-off mechanisms, PID control continuously adjusts power output based on real time feedback, ensuring precise temperature regulation.

One of the key advantages of PID control is its predictive capability. By analysing temperature trends and anticipating fluctuations caused by changes in food load, the control board can pre-emptively adjust power output to maintain a consistent cooking environment. This proactive approach minimizes temperature drops, ensuring that food is cooked evenly without being subjected to prolonged periods of low heat.

Greenplate BBQs are equipped with a digital temperature control system that provides users with unprecedented precision and convenience. With adjustable controls inside the BBQ cabinet operators can set the desired cooking temperature for users.

The integration of PID control and digital temperature control significantly reduces temperature fluctuations, ensuring that food is cooked to perfection without being overcooked and undercooked. It also only supplies the required energy to maintain the temperature this also assists to reduce energy consumption and increase the products efficiency.

Sealed Element Pan with Insulation:

Another innovative feature of Greenplate BBQs is their fully sealed element pan, equipped with a four-layer combination of insulation. This design is engineered to force heat from the element upwards, minimizing heat transfer to the bottom of the BBQ unit and cabinet. By containing and directing heat more efficiently, Greenplate BBQs optimize performance while conserving energy.

Reducing Environmental Footprint:

The energy – efficient design of Greenplate BBQs translates into tangible benefits for both consumers and the environment. With reduced energy consumption, users can enjoy guilt-free barbecuing without compromising on performance. Additionally, lower energy usage contributes to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with sustainability goals and environmental conservation efforts.


Innovations in technology have transformed the humble barbecue from a steel plate over a woodfire to a symbol of energy efficiency and sustainability. Greenplate BBQs exemplify this transformation through their technical design, leveraging voltage conversion, SELV compliance, PID digital control and advanced insulation techniques to deliver a superior cooking performance while minimizing energy consumption. As we continue to prioritize eco-friendly solutions across all aspects of our lives Greenplate BBQs stand as a metric for energy efficiency in the realm of outdoor cooking.