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Solar Batten Lighting

Any application where lighting is needed and mains power is cost prohibitive or unachievable.

They are perfect for

  • Lighting Shelters
  • Pathways
  • Garages

The design incorporates the battery and controller inside the light fitting. This removes the need for expensive control boxes and therefore dramatically reduces the installation cost and difficulty.


Solar Batten Lights

Greenplates® All-in-One Solar Batten Light uses the latest innovative technology. By incorporating both the solar controller and battery inside the light fitting dramatically reduces installation times and cost.

The 15watt LED light provides an output of 1800 Lumens with 4 days of battery storage. A quick and easy mounting system is provided along with the choice of either a glass module or vandal resistant flexible module. The All-in-One Solar Batten Light Kit is perfect for lighting pathways, shelters, building entrances and much more.

greenplate solar batten light
Solar Batten Lights