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Ipswich City Council BBQ Upgrades

Retrofit/Equal Access/ Matilda BBQ’s


Ipswich City Council

Greenplate were awarded the project for the supply and installation of 18 BBQ units for Ipswich City Council. The installation team removed flood damaged BBQ units from various locations across the Ipswich region. This work also involved upgrading of electrical components with a mixture of cabinet replacements and retrofitting of existing cabinet infrastructure.

Residents can now enjoy the new facilities at the following parks across the Ipswich region.

  • Bob Gamble Park –Ipswich (Disability Approved Cabinets)
  • Evan Marginson Park –Goodna
  • George Palmer Park –Silkstone
  • Pan Pacific Peace Park – Redbank
  • Bundamba Pool – Bundamba
  • Richardson Park – Goodna

The reason for the BBQ upgrades was to replace damaged units caused by the flooding events that occurred across South East Queensland earlier this year. Ipswich City Council will also appreciate the energy savings they will experience from the BBQ upgrades due to Greenplate’s patented low voltage heating design.