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Brno City Zoo, Brno Czech Republic

Inbench Electric BBQ


Brno City, Czech Republic

The Brno City Zoological Garden was first established in 1950 and is an organization operated under the Statutory City of Brno. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic behind the capital Prague.

Boasting over 300 different types of animals providing modern exhibitions and a varying range of services for its visitors.

A newly added service to the zoo was the installation of Greenplate BBQs. The cabinets were manufactured by Central European Distributors Park BBQ CZ. The cabinets were designed with intricate patterns to blend in with the mud hut exhibit in the background. These BBQ units are also able to be booked using the reservation system developed by Park BBQ.

The Greenplate BBQs have been heavily used with them becoming a prominent cooking location in the African Village area of the Zoo.