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Gekas Ullared Sweden



Ullared, Sweden

Gekas Ullared founded in 1963 is the largest department store in all of Sweden and Scandanavia, it is visited annually by roughly 4.5 million customers. The deperatment store also features the largest accomodation/ campgrounds in the country providing holiday goers a place to stay when visiting the town of Ullared.

The location is perfect for tourists with several local lakes and streams found near by with flowing hills providing scenic opportunities for visitors.

Ullared devleoped a section of the campground to include ammenities for the 380 000 people  that stay annually at the park. The facilities included a new camp kitchen that houses hobs, ovens and dishwashing stations.

Outside the kitchen is a simple roof structutre, seating and a double Greenplate BBQ. This BBQ cabinet was manufactured in Sweden by Park O Grill Sverige Greenplate’s Northern European Distributor. The BBQ provides a simple, clean and safe cooking solution for Ullared’s guests and has been in operation now for over 5 years.