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Gladstone Foreshore Redevelopment

Retrofit/ Equal Access


Gladstone Ports Corporation

The Gladstone Ports foreshores have been redeveloped into a world-class recreational hub, providing the community with modern facilities and a relaxing outdoor space. The parklands have been designed to reflect the sustainable industrial city and recognize the contributions of coal exporters to the local community. The redevelopment project compliments the previously developed 43 hectares at the Gladstone Marina and Spinnaker Park, expanding the recreational options for locals and visitors.

Greenplate, a leading provider of public BBQ systems, worked closely with the Gladstone Ports Corporation during each stage of the development. Several different combinations of BBQ systems were supplied to complement the various open spaces in the parkland. Custom-made doors were manufactured and powder-coated in Fluroset Xtreme Charcoal to match the dark blue tiling of the custom cabinet, which houses six BBQ units. Furthermore, Greenplate’s Equal Access (DDA) BBQ Cabinets were installed under shelters across different stages of the development, ensuring that people with disabilities have access to the facilities.

The Gladstone Ports foreshore have been recognized for their excellence, receiving the Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) Queensland Award of Excellence for park of the year. This award acknowledges the excellent work done by the Gladstone Ports Corporation in providing open spaces for residents and tourists to enjoy. Overall, the redevelopment of the Gladstone Ports foreshores has provided a remarkable recreational space that is beneficial to the community and the tourism industry.