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Green Trees Village Apartments

Inbench Electric BBQ


Green Trees Village Apartments

Greenplate recently completed a retrofit installation project at Green Trees Village Townhouse Complex in Capalaba, Queensland. The project involved upgrading the old and outdated gas BBQ system with a state-of-the-art Greenplate Inbench Electric BBQ.

The first phase of the project involved custom fabricating a stainless-steel bench top to suit the existing brick work that had previously housed the gas unit. However, the brick work was found to be severely out of level, with a fall ranging from 0 to 63mm across the top. To level out the cooking and preparation area, the custom bench top was fabricated to allow for this counteracting fall.

In the second phase, Key West Electrical was tasked with carrying out electrical works to provide power to the site for the Electric BBQ. This involved digging a 40m trench from the mains supply near the manager’s residence underneath an existing path back to the BBQ area. The Key West Electrical team ensured that the path was relayed, and the electrical works were completed quickly and efficiently.

Finally, Greenplate commissioned the new BBQ unit, ensuring that all works were completed correctly and in accordance with the installation scope. The result of the retrofit installation project was a modern, high-quality, and energy-efficient cooking system that meets the needs of the residents of Green Trees Village Townhouse Complex while reducing their carbon footprint.