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Main Point Pancrác, Prague Czech Republic



Main Point Pancrác, Prague Czech Republic

Main Point Pancrác prides itself on being the first building of its kind in the world to be able to absorb smog and reduce emissions in the air. Therefore, it was a must that the Electric BBQ chosen for the installation was a Greenplate. Greenplate’s technology allows for up to 50% greater energy savings compared to other manufacturers making it the perfect choice for the revolutionary building development.

The tower has been developed using a range of modern techniques to assist with cooling and thermal heating properties. This adds to the environmental aspects of the project.

A wonderful rooftop recreational area flows across the entire area providing a mixture of plants walkways and community facilities. This is where the Greenplate BBQ can be found.

With spectacular views of Prague this is a premier destination in the city to enjoy a rooftop BBQ get together.