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Pacific Palms Home Village

Matilda Triple


Burpengary, Moreton Bay

Greenplate recently spearheaded a transformative project at Pacific Palms Home Village in Burpengary. Tasked with rejuvenating the retirement home’s outdoor cooking facilities. Greenplate orchestrated the demolition of aging structures, removal of waste and the installation of state-of-the-art stainless-steel benches and BBQ units. In addition, electrical connections were split to accommodate the second BBQ unit, this resulted in energy efficient cooking solutions in a timely manner minimising disruption to the residents.

Project Details

Demolition and Removal

  • The project began with careful demolition of the existing brick/block bench, aligning with the retirement home’s vision for a modernized BBQ area.
  • An older Greenplate retrofit BBQ was removed to make room for the new double BBQ.
  • Another aging block work/timber BBQ bench, located alongside the primary structure, was dismantled. All resulting materials were promptly removed via a skip bin.

Installation of Stainless-Steel Bench and BBQ Units

Electrical Installation:

  • A critical aspect of this project involved splitting the electrical circuit to accommodate the second Greenplate BBQ. The existing circuit within the bench was professionally split, ensuring the efficient operation of both the BBQ units. Furthermore, a dedicated lighting circuit was introduced, enhancing safety and convenience for residents and visitors.

Project Timelines:

  • The team arrived at Pacific Palms Home Village at approximately around 8:30 AM and completed the project in half a day, departing at 1:30 PM. This timeframe was aimed at minimizing disruption to the retirement home’s daily operations, ensuring that residents could swiftly enjoy their upgraded BBQ facilities.

Key Project Achievements

  • Enhanced Resident Experience: The installation of contemporary stainless steel BBQ units and benches elevates the functionality and aesthetics of the facility; providing residents with a premium cooking and dining experience.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Greenplate reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by efficiently disposing of waste materials and implementing environmentally friendly solutions through the project.
  • Energy Efficient Cooking: The installation of the new BBQs provide an energy efficient cooking solution for the retirement home, contributing to the sustainability and cost effectiveness of the Pacific Palms outdoor cooking facilities.

The Pacific Palms Home Village BBQ Upgrade project at Burpengary exemplifies Greenplate’s dedication to providing innovative and eco-friendly BBQ solutions. By revitalizing the BBQ facilities and upgrading the existing cooking options, Greenplate continues to lead the way in enhancing outdoor cooking experiences for the benefit of the retirement home’s residents.