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Waterworld Te Rapa and Gallagher Aquatic Centre


Matilda / Retrofit / Smart BBQ Management System

Hamilton, New Zealand

Waterworld Te Rapa is Hamilton New Zealand’s premier aquatics centre, serving as the flagship facility in the region. This comprehensive aquatic destination caters to diverse preferences, featuring six pools, including specialized toddler and outdoor pools, hydro slides, a fully-equipped gym, and a  range of land and water based exercise classes. With a commitment to excellence, Water World also offers comprehensive learn-to-swim classes and recently underwent enhancements, including upgraded BBQ areas.

In pursuit of an efficient and user-friendly booking system for its 12 BBQ units, Waterworld turned to Greenplate’s cutting-edge-technology. The Smart BBQ Management System, seamlessly integrated into each BBQ unit ensuring a streamlined reservation process. These intelligent systems provide a disable feature on the switch, remaining disabled until a booking is confirmed. To facilitate this process, the dedicated Management System Dashboard empowers staff to schedule bookings effortlessly, automatically activating the BBQs during the specified reserved hours.

Two additional Greenplate BBQs with Smart BBQ Management Systems were installed at Gallagher Aquatic Centre. Managed jointly by the Hamilton City Council and Hamilton Pools, Gallagher Aquatic Centre now benefits from the same technology as Waterworld Te Rapa. The two Matilda BBQ systems function in tandem with their counterparts, offering a consistent and efficient booking system.

Beyond the convenience of user bookings, the Greenplate Smart BBQ Management System introduces a new level of operational oversight for aquatic centre staff. The system enables monitoring of various parameters, including Fat Bin Levels, BBQ Usage, Fault/Maintenance Reporting, Mains Power Information, and even provides remote temperature control for the BBQs.

Hamilton’s aquatic centres, Waterworld Te Rapa and Gallagher Aquatic Centre, now stand as examples of moder public cooking facilities By harnessing the latest in Smart BBQ Management Technology, these facilities have elevated the overall user experience and operational efficiency. Greenplate’s innovative solution ensures that both locals and visitors enjoy state – of – the – art amenities, setting a benchmark for public cooking facilities in New Zealand.

Photo Credit Water World Aquatic Centre Hamilton New Zealand.