Providing a Range of Commercial Barbecues

Greenplate® are an all Australian Owned and Operated manufacturer of high quality stainless steel commercial electric and solar barbecue systems for public open space and recreational facilities.

As a Quality Assured Company to ISO 9001:2015, Greenplate® have established themselves as the market leader when it comes to low-voltage, highly energy efficient cooking systems as well as a full range of sustainable product solutions including solar lighting, solar locking and highly versatile CIGS thin film solar products.


Energy Conscious

Our patented Greenplate® heating element technology provides substantial potential savings in energy consumption. Only 1.8kW / 7.8 AMPS per hotplate.



Our range of barbecue systems can be used in many different scenarios from public open space through to private apartment blocks and villas.


Technologically Advanced

Using advanced technology including electronic thermocouples and P.I.D. control offers radical improvements in temperature readout and control.


Reliable & Durable

All of our products are compliant to the relevant Australian Standards. Our barbecue systems are manufactured using the best quality Stainless Steel and designed to stand up to the toughest of conditions.

Solar Lighting & Locking

We design and manufacture…

Solar lighting systems including street lighting featuring high quality LED light heads and maintenance free lithium battery packs with optional energy saving motion sensors.

In-house designed hinged light poles for easy maintenance and cleaning of light heads and solar panels. No high-lift machinery required.

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

Project – South Stockholm

  A recent installation took place in the beautiful city of Stockholm Sweden. Our Swedish Distributors Park O Grill - Sverige - provided this double BBQ solution to replace the existing Coal BBQ’s. The two Greenplate hotplates will now provide an energy efficient...

Holiday Haven – NSW

Shoalhaven City Council  Holiday Haven Parks can be found in 12 unique locations spanning the town of Shoalhaven on New South Wales’ south coast. With parks located enjoying beachfront, lakeside or riverfront options with just a short 2-hour drive from Sydney.The...

Aldinga Beach – Adelaide

44 KILOMETRES FROM ADELAIDE This is one of the few beaches in Australia where cars are permitted to drive on sections of the broad sand. It makes access to the beach (renowned for its safe swimming and impressive surf) especially easy.Aldinga Beach is also a top spot...

Portuguese Chicken Tenders

  Portuguese Chicken Tenders An extremely quick yet filling and healthy meal that takes 10 minutes total to cook. 1 packet of raw chicken tenderloins1 tsp Masterfoods Portuguese Seasoning (available in the spices section at Coles or Woolies)2 tsp olive oil Sprinkle...
Open BBQ "Burgers"

Open BBQ “Burgers”

A Burger Without The Bread    Some people get tired of the same 'ol burger - this one is yummy and healthy for you. Open BBQ "Burgers" 2 BBQ'd pumpkin slices2 BBQ'd Field Mushrooms 22 Woolies heart Smart burger patties BBQ'dFresh sliced...

Beef Sausages with Garlic Sweet Chilli Capsicums

SUMMER ON A GREENPLATE® BBQ Beef Sausages with Garlic Sweet Chilli Capsicums 1 pkt reduced fat beef sausagesPeppercorn brand or Coles brand2 x punnets of mini sweet Capsicums sliced in half2 x medium red onions sliced1 Tbls olive oil2 - 3 cloves garlic grated1 Tbls...

Yummy Marinated Beef Strips

  Greek Marinated Beef Strips with Greek Style Salad 125 gms Greek marinated strips (Coles brand)2 tsp olive oil20 gms low fat feta1 packet bagel crisps 25gms1 tbls balsamic glaze2 cups Spinach30 gms Red onion sliced60 gms Cherry tomato sliced2 Baby cucumbers...

Corn, Pea & Pumpkin Fritters

Hot plate cooking need not be just meat sausages or burgers. It’s easy to make delicious breakfast or light lunch fritters too.Make the batter up in a “shaker bottle” pop a lid on and transport it in your esky. t’s easy to pour straight from the...

Pork Stirfry in 10 minutes

Dinner in 10 minutes - what a great idea - and all on a barbecue 10 minute Pork Stir Fry 150 gms Pork lean leg strips1 cup Broccoli Florets1/2 Red Capsicum (sliced)1/4 Red Onion (sliced)1/2 punnet Baby Corn (sliced)1/2 cup Mushrooms (sliced )1/2 - 1 clove...
What our Customers are Saying …

Greenplate are my preferred Supplier for Electric Barbecues as they are very Safe, Energy Efficient and are not hard wired in. They have easy to remove InBench Units should the need arise and no power upgrades are required.

I initially purchased 11 Greenplate Barbecues some six years ago and have found them not requiring any maintenance! I would recommend Greenplate to anyone looking for an Electrical Barbecue based on value for money. We could not be more happy with the performance , low running costs and cooking ability as the hotplates sizzle the steaks, not stew them.

Rob Curry

Parks Supervisor

The responses to the delivery and installation of the Equal Access Greenplate BBQ from our patients and their families have been overwhelmingly positive.

The BBQ is proving a safer option for our patients with paraplegia and tetraplegia to learn important cooking skills whilst delivering the opportunity for many to do what most of us enjoy, that is having a BBQ with our family and friends.

Thank you Greenplate, you have bought smiles to many faces.

Ben Hackwood

Spinal Injuries Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital


Unit 2/15 Natasha Street, Capalaba, 4157, Queensland, Australia


+ 61 7 3245 3008


+ 61 7 3245 3009

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