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Greenplate® are extremely proud to announce that the Smart BBQ Management System has been nominated as a finalist in the 2021 IOT Alliance Australia’s IOT Awards.

With the recent lifting of some COVID-19 related restrictions in South Australia, residents are now allowed to take their children to playgrounds and skate parks. The Greenplate barbecue systems at St Clair Recreation Space have now been re-enabled by the City

Management of Greenplate Solar Street and Pathway Lighting becomes easy with our LoRaWAN based Smart Management System for Lighting. Sensors in each light head transmit and receive information via a series of strategically placed LoRaWAN gateways allowing

The Greenplate Smart BBQ Management System transforms asset management methods from the traditional Reactive Fail and Fix to a new Prevent and Predict approach. This saves time, money and most importantly, manpower!

Real Time reporting of faults, power consumption, usage and more provides accurate, genuinely useful data to assist with asset and resource allocations and reduce operating costs.

Our SMART Management System Saves Time and Resources and this has been highlighted during the recent series of park and open space closures due to COVID-19 Regulations. Most Councils and Shires have taken steps to curtail the use

Remote Monitoring of Greenplate® Street Lights are now Available Greenplate have now incorporated a remote monitoring system to its range of Solar LED Street Lights. Be able to control and monitor the operations of your fleet of Solar Street Lights