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A Really SMART Saver!


Trying Times for our Parks

Our SMART Management System Saves Time and Resources and this has been highlighted  during the recent series of park and open space closures due to COVID-19 Regulations. Most Councils and Shires have taken steps to curtail the use of park barbecue systems with barrier tape or turning off the mains power supply. This takes up a considerable amount of time and resources with, of course, the associated costs.

The City of Charles Sturt has recently installed a number of Greenplate Equal Access BBQ Systems equipped with our smart managements systems with two-way control. This allows these systems to be disabled remotely though our Smart Management Dashboard.

The barbecues will be enabled once parks are cleared to open to public use again with an absolute minimum of time and resources, setting a perfect example of how a Genuine SMART Asset Management system can be of real value and convenience.

Remember: if it’s Greenplate it’s Great!

St Clair Recreation Precinct

Greenplates Smart BBQ Technology, which will help to monitor how these utilities are being used.

Most importantly, Council were able to disable these systems remotely due to Government regulations around public places – COVID-19.

Barbecues closed – WITHOUT SMART Technology

Access to barbecues without SMART Technology has been restricted using more conventional means. 

These include time and resource consuming methods such as erecting barrier tape and/or manually turning off power to each system.