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Everything is Simple with Australia’s National Treasure

Why Australia’s Free BBQ’s are a National Treasure

This week we head back and take a look at a news article written in the Sydney Morning Herald. Daisy Dumas explains Australia’s National Treasure, the free park BBQ’s and why we shouldn’t take them for granted.

The article pictured a number of Greenplate® BBQ’s consistently being used by Aussie residents living in Western Sydney.

It is just one example of Sydney’s and Australia’s love affair with the outdoor grill. A habit so entrenched in our national psyche that free barbecues have become the norm. Expected – taken for granted even – in our public parks.

In the breezier surrounds of Bronte Park, NSW, eight electric barbecues can, and regularly do, cook 312 barbecues a day. The pocket of green with a spectacular view is one of the nation’s most popular barbecue spots.  A beloved community resource that is as intimately linked to the beach as it is our love of a charred sausage.

Article Credit: Dasiy Dumas – Sydney Morning Herald

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