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Customised Solar Solution for the City of Casey

Last week the manufacturing team completed and shipped our customised solar solution for tennis court lighting.

Greenplate were asked by the City of Casey if we could power four 400 watt tennis court lights using Solar. This was to offset energy that would usually be used if they were run from the mains electricity supply.

Greenplate also needed to manufacture

  • 4 light poles including out reach arms with mounting holes

This was to suit the large light heads and the solar panel support frames to house the large solar modules. The batteries were also designed to be located inside the base of the poles to allow for long periods of night usage.

We are looking forward to seeing this project completed with installation occurring over the next few weeks.

Greenplate’s motto is “sustainable product solutions” therefore saving energy and looking for cost effective solutions to meet our clients requirements is the focus.

If you have a job where a solar solution is required contact Greenplate today.

Solar City Casey
Solar City of Casey