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Ferro Resonance & Solar Power

Ferro resonance is an occurrence when any transformer becomes saturated which seems to be an ever increasing issue within Australia.  Since 2011, with articles written in places such as, The Australian titled, “Rooftop solar panels overloading electricity grid”, which outlines the effects of increased solar in residential areas, concerns have been high and erratic mains power which is caused by high level concentration of solar grid fed installations.

After extensive research and testing Greenplate’s Research and Development Department has noted voltages are at 257 VAC plus in these areas.  When a transformer becomes saturated and is switched off it de-energizes the excess via relays, fuse and subsequently the circuit breakers eventually cause failure to the appliance.

Greenplate’s Research and Development team have recognised these issues which can have an impact on the lifespan of electrical equipment.  This has  prompted our team to design a solution for Greenplate® electric barbecues to be protected. Greenplate® have produced a product enabling a longer life span whilst dealing with the increased predominance of flash back current.

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