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Green, Sustainable, Renewable Energy from the Sun?

Solar Assisted BBQ’s

Did you know that Greenplates Solar Assisted BBQ Systems offer a combination of free, Green, Sustainable, Renewable Energy from the Sun? The Convenience of grid supplied mains power to help drive down running costs and the carbon footprint of community barbecue systems.

Greenplate have developed a Solar Assisted BBQ Bench with Solar Panels on the roof and an SMA Inverter (meaning System, Mess and Anlagentechnik) inside the BBQ cabinet. This offsets the energy used by the BBQ unit and supplying an energy rebate back to the asset owner for any excess power generated. These BBQ’s are perfect for holiday parks or councils looking for a way to provide cooking facilities, yet want to eliminate the ongoing power costs.

These BBQ systems can be supplied in both single or double cooking plate configurations and the grid connect system can also offset energy used by other infrastructure in the area.


Key Features:

  • High quality full stainless steel constructed BBQ cabinet with lifetime structural warranty.
  • Completely assembled and tested in Australia
  • Highly efficient sun power modules or Thin Film Vandal Resistant Solar Modules (laminates to roof profile).
  • Grid Link system can be adapted to new or existing shelters.
  • SMA range of inverts function as a manager/controller for optimum energy production.
  • Highly efficient Greenplate 1.8Kw In bench Barbecue Unit used with structural lifetime warranty.
  • Reliability and product satisfaction guaranteed over years of infield testing.

If your looking to provide cooking facilities to a council park or holiday park yet are concerned about the carbon footprint being created by the installation, the Greenplate Solar Assisted BBQ Bench is perfect for your application.

Remember: if it’s Greenplate it’s Great!