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Why Greenplate BBQ’s are so Great!

Nothing beats the sound of steaks sizzling on a Greenplate® BBQ knowing your also saving a considerable amount of energy in comparison to other electric BBQ’s on the market. Greenplate developed and patented it’s low voltage heating technology in a backyard shed in Brisbane Australia. This technology can now be found in Greenplate BBQ’s across the globe.

The technology converts mains power (240Volt) to a low voltage therefore increasing the amount of amps delivered to the element creating heat. This also removes the need for insulating the cooking element therefore reducing the time to start heating the plate as the element is red hot in a matter of seconds opposed to minutes with conventional heating elements. Therefore Greenplate have been able to significantly reduce the power required to heat up the BBQ plate safely whilst not compromising on cooking performances or heat up time.

Greenplate have further developed and improved its technology by recently introducing P.I.D.

What is P.I.D.?

In simple terms:

Proportional Integral Derivative determines the amount of power required by predicting the food load due to the decrease in temperature. The control board then applies the correct amount of power to maintain the set temperature no matter the load applied to the cooking plate. By using this technology along with the application of a Digital Temperature Control System significantly reduces the temperature drop ensuring food is cooked not stewed.

This is how the Greenplate BBQ is able to maintain such a high level of cooking whilst using the least amount of energy as any other electric BBQ manufacturer on the market.

Remember: if it’s Greenplate it’s Great!